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hurricane harvey

Discussion in 'The Cherubini Hunters' started by blunt, Aug 25, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. blunt


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    US Corpus christi
    well everyone keep your thoughts and prayers coming on us souls down here on the texas coast.doubled up on the dock lines,praying the old gal comes thru.

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  2. jviss


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    Does your insurance cover a haul-out for hurricanes?

  3. BigEasy


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    Will definitely keep you in the prayers. I know what you guys are going through, first hand.
    You know the routine, multiple lines, chafe protection, lots of fenders, get the sails & bimini off the deck & down below. I was in Corpus about six years ago at the city docks looking at a boat for sale; beautiful place--but has big time exposure to wind and waves. Main thing is to protect yourself and family and get out of harms way. You cant fight a cat 3 storm. Take care and let us know how you make out.

  4. BigEasy


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    US Slidell, LA
    Just noted on latest advisory that Harvey is now a Cat 4 storm with sustained winds of over 130mph.
    Storm surge & wind damage will be severe if not catastrophic in the coastal areas. The storm is predicted to stall and diminish in intensity over southwest TX over the next several days; there will be massive amounts of flooding further inland from rainfall that is expected to be 20" or more in some areas. Places like San Antonio and the Hill Country, further North may have serious flooding from rivers & streams.
    That's one of the bad things about storms in the Gulf this time of year. It was a tropical storm yesterday AM and within 36 hours its a Cat 4 storm. In cases like this, you really don't have much time to tie up the boat, pickup things around the house, find a place to evacuate to and get on the road to your shelter of choice. Needless to say, most others are doing the same and the evacuation trip is arduous at best. Hope that all have heeded the warnings and have evacuated to a safer place.

  5. BlowMeAway


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    Also posted on another prayer and thoughts thread:

    Thoughts and prayers are for my childhood buddy and the entire Wilcox family in Houston. I communicated with them earlier today and this is the text response he sent:

    "Locked and loaded! Got the power covered and the Ark is standing by if needed! Praying that the forecasted rain falls gradually over the 5 days."

    He then sent me these photos.


  6. Roland5048


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    Tie 'er down and get the hell out of there. Don't risk your lives. God speed to all. Be safe.

  7. shemandr


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    Best to you all down there. Tough forecast. When Isabella hit the NE with extreme rains, towns in upstate NY and Vermont were devastated. Don't underestimate the rain. For the storm Isabella the flooding from rain was way more destructive than from wind or storm surge.

  8. JamesG161


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    I just saw a video of the Boat storage building in Rockport , TX. Totaled!!
    Some boat may have survived.

    Trivia: Boats on the hard in coastal Katrina... Disappeared. Boat that survived were not in a Marina but afloat with proper grounding tackle deployed. Many survived that were back bay or up a river to avoid the huge surge.


  9. Jim 5757

    Jim 5757

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    Same thing happened here in NJ during Sandy storm. Those boats that were pulled floated away and sank all over the bay. We were tied snug in our slip and got nary a scratch. It was very close though...3 powerboats were piled up on the dock just inches from our bow.

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  10. blunt


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    1980 hunter 33
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    we made it.power back on here at the house.understand that the boat has made it through.she took on some water how much not sure.

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  11. jssailem


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    Very good news Blunt.
    Stay safe.

  12. BigEasy


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    US Slidell, LA
    Glad to here you are well. Looks like a mess down there and I know that the pictures don't come close to showing the devastation. Hope the "old gal" pulls thru OK. I know that you guys are overwhelmed right now; however, when things get back to normal, give us an update. God Bless.