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hunter 41 your chain and rope size and leght please

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by Valerio, Mar 6, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Valerio


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    Hunter 41
    Mx Progreso
    hunter 41 your chain and rope size and leght please, need to change the rope and i only have 30 feet of chain, please let me know what do you use. she sail a lot at anchor and i am looking for a good setting for a sound sleep.

  2. Sailgunner


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    Hunter 410
    US Punta Gorda
    didn't ask about anchor. Rocna 25. Chain has to work with your gypsy. Your boat will always swing; it's a Hunter. I have 200' of 3/8" bbb but that is the chain I need with my gypsy. Yours may be different. Length of chain depends on how deep of water you anchor in. 7-5 times depth for scope is good with chain. I back down on my anchor at around 2500 rpms.

  3. Terry Cox

    Terry Cox

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    Hunter Passage 42
    US Shelter Bay, WA
    Different model boat than yours; a bit heavier, and different waters. Wrote an article awhile ago about our anchoring system here.

  4. seadaddler


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    Hunter 36
    US Punta Gorda
    I have H-36 but have 35 Mantus which is great fast digging in first time always and have 100' chain
    and more chain has help with less swinging and use double bridle snubber.
    The chain lays down more than rope and keeps swinging way less.

  5. lurker


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    Hunter -410
    CA Vancouver Island
    Hunter 410, Rocna 25 (kg), 200 ft chain that matched my factory windlasses gypsy, and 150' of rode.

    When anchoring I normally use a 20' long dock line and tie a rolling hitch on the chain and bring it back to the starboard forward deck cleat and slack the chain considerably to work as a snubber and take all the strain off the windlass.

    The boat still sails around a bit at anchor but there are no snatch loads and we never drag. Ideally I aim for 5:1 scope at high tide if there is room to swing. In the future I may consider keeping the helm hard to port or starboard rather than centred when anchored, and running a second snubber off the port bow cleat to act like a bridle. There are anchor sails that work well for this purpose too.

    Before upgrading to a 70 pound anchor, be certain that both your windlass can lift it, and your bow roller can fit it. Rocna, Mantus, Sarca all seem to get good marks on forums for being quick setting and not dragging.

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    Hunter Ad Bot

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  7. uncledom


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    Hunter 41
    US Lewes
    I have a Mantus 65lb anchor with their swivel. It's listed as a storm anchor for our Hunter 41. I have 180' of chain and 250 feet of rode. I also use the Mantus chain hook and about 50 feet of line to twist the boat sideways to reduce the amount of swing while on the hook. There is a whole theory about center of pivot versus windage and current and why the Hunters swing so much on anchor but pulling the aft end of the boat towards the anchor ends all the discussion and minimizes the swaying to barely noticeable.

  8. Valerio


    Joined Feb 10, 2017
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    Hunter 41
    Mx Progreso
    Hi Uncledom many questions, how much do you pull your second snubber to reduce sail effect under anchor?, i have a very short 3/8 chain attached to a nylon rope, this attachement in order to go tru the windlass need to be without any protection to the rope, i think this will promote a quick chafe, how do you have your assebly ?

  9. uncledom


    Joined Jun 11, 2011
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    Hunter 41
    US Lewes
    I have about 20’ of snubber with a regular chain hook that wraps to the cleat in the anchor locker just so that the chain on the gypsy isn’t the sole weight carrying item. With 180’ of chain and 5’ to the water from the roller, I try to anchor in around 30’ of water or less. This gives me a 5 to 1 scope or better on a storm anchor, we don’t move. I clip the Mantus anchor chain snubber to the chain at the bow, let out about 40’ of chain and snub it from the bow and cleat it in the locker with my 20’ line, then take my the bitter end of my Mantus snubber and bring it to the Lewmar 48 by the arch. I crank that in until the anchor chain seems to be about midships. The boat barely swings at all no matter the current or wind. Your going to need to play with it till you find the sweet spot but short of moving your anchor to the stern I think it’s the best way to stop swing.