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Help me choose a new compass

Discussion in 'Smaller Boats' started by Kermit, Oct 24, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Kermit


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    As y’all can see here my compass is shot. I wouldn’t feel the need for one on our lake but this one really makes our boat look bad. I’d like to get a nice one without spending too much over $200. SBO has what must be OMG nice ones. has some that seem to be reasonably priced. There’s got to be one that will tell me which direction I’m headed without costing a fortune. What say y’all?

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  2. Dave Groshong

    Dave Groshong SBO Staff Staff Member

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  3. JRacer


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    I've always had the Plastimo Olympic 135's - Both on the J24, bulkhead mounted, and now on the B310, binnacle mounted. 135 may be a bit bigger than what you have there, can't tell - hard to read it ;-). But I think they have a smaller version available. Think you got your money's worth!

  4. CloudDiver


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    I like the Plastimo Mini Contest on my small boat. The Ritchie Navigator is nice but $$$ and huge. Even the Ritchie SR-2 Venture seemed too big. I did not want to make the previous mounting hole bigger, I actually used some thickened epoxy to make it slightly smaller. I think the Mini Contest 101 is the perfect size for 22 - 27 foot boats, IMO.

  5. kloudie1


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  6. Jackdaw


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    Hey froggy,

    Even on a lake, if you’re not using a compass going upwind, you’re missing half of your flies!!

  7. Justin_NSA


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    Okay, someone had to post it. What is it that you want most?


  8. Ralph Johnstone

    Ralph Johnstone

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    Great Scott man.

    That's not a compass ......... that's something out of a Stephen King novel.


  9. JimInPB


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    I've always had good luck with Ritchie compasses. 30 years ago, I even had one on my Sunfish.

    I currently have a (less expensive) V-537 explorer on my 212 & I'm happy with it. Unfortunately, that one is probably too small to fit the existing hole that needs to be filled on Kernit's 260. The explorer goes in a 3" hole.

    When I bought my 212, the existing compass had a smashed ball. I was able to buy the same model of compass from Ritchie & just swap out the broken ball. That let me avoid prying loose gobs of 5200 that anchored the original compass housing into the bulkhead.

    You often have a choice of 2 or 3 different card colors with the Ritche compasses. That is usually worth thinking about before an order is placed. A compass cover may also be worth thinking about.

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  10. flynhi4u


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    My thought too. Whatever compass you get I would suggest swapping the bulb out for a LED bulb if it comes with the old style incadescent bulb. I was appalled when I turned our compass light on for the first time and saw it was pulling more power than all the LED running lights combined! One 3 buck led wedge bulb solved that problem. Good luck Frog.


  11. bletso


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  12. Roland5048


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    I'd go with the Moral Compass but they seem to be in short supply these days. :poke:

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  13. Justin_NSA


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    US Cheney, KS

  14. Rick D

    Rick D

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    Perfect, Justin! I had mine serviced about ten years locally, but the guy did large commercial ships and only did mine as a favor. I bookmarked that page.

  15. Kings Gambit

    Kings Gambit

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    Andrews helped me w/ repair & parts for my Suunto binnacle compass, now 20 yr old. Great guy; very helpful.

  16. Kermit


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    US Sumter, SC Lake Murray Sailing Club, SC
    Looks like refurbishing may not be possible and almost certainly not cost-effective. Right now I’m leaning toward ordering from SBO. The one I have is made by Aqua Meter. I can’t tell from the picture what model it is. The el-cheapo model (likely what it is) can’t be repaired. The better model will cost as much to repair as the one @Dave Groshong recommended.

  17. Meriachee


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    I was gonna take a picture of the one on the iPhone, but my iPhone was busy.

  18. Apex


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    US Traverse City
    highly recommend SBO! This thread made me check offerings for a new mainsheet traveller I was looking at. Dave price matched sale price. THANKS DAVE.

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  19. Drew13440


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    US Potomac
    Kermit, I bought the compass Dave recommended. It's not installed yet (I need a rainy Saturday to make a faring block) but I can tell you it's well made, well balanced and looks sharp. I don't see any downside to it.

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  20. Kermit


    Joined Jul 31, 2010
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    Hunter 260
    US Sumter, SC Lake Murray Sailing Club, SC
    My iPhone can multi-task.

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