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Hello! Buying a 22...

Discussion in 'Day Sailers' started by Love and Luck, Sep 25, 2016. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Love and Luck

    Love and Luck

    Joined Sep 25, 2016
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    Oday 22
    US Lake Arthur
    Hello, everybody.

    New here, thought I'd say hi.

    I'm acquiring an O'Day 22 on a trailer, for very cheap. Almost nothing cheap. It's not in the best condition, but it's all there, and I'm assured that it's ready to sail. I'll haul her home next week. (It's about a 90-mile tow.)

    No, I haven't had her in the water. No, no one professional has had a look at her. I figure the worst case scenario is that the 600 lbs of lead in the shoal keel is worth more than I'm paying for her. Not to mention the trailer, the sails (in surprisingly good shape), and other bits and pieces. So, even if she sinks on day one, I'm still getting a good deal.

    The hull appears to be in great shape, except for a poorly-finished but apparently strong repair on the bow. There is a similar messy previous repair on the rudder.

    I've not seen her rigged, but the mast and boom appear to be straight and strong, and the standing rigging is in adequate shape. The blocks and such appear shiny and new.

    The deck is dirty. Needs cleaned, scraped, and painted. Looks like a powder blue coming out under a white paint job.

    The deck is weak around the lifeline stanchions. I suspect a core replacement will be required there. So far, that's the biggest problem I've identified. I've never done fiberglass repair, but I am not afraid. I've watched every West System video there is deciding whether that's something I could actually do, and sure, yeah, I can do that.

    The rubber "bumper" around the edge is old and in rough shape. Needs replaced.

    I believe that the interior is somebody's custom job, and that none of the bulkheads or benches or the table are original. All of the interior pics of O'Day 22s that I've seen look the same and nothing like this. (Although the fiberglass is identical in all cases.) A complete rebuild of the interior to the original design (more or less) is on my "Not necessary, but let's do it anyway" list.

    Builders plate says hull # 3099, class # 306. Seller says it's a 1972, but I have not confirmed this independently.

    Name painted on side is "Manifest." Current owner inherited it, doesn't understand why either. I will have a conversation about that with Poseidon, over a bottle of Dom, at some point.

    My game plan here is to get it home, clean everything, rig it in the back yard, and assess more fully. Minimally fix enough (definitely the deck issues, plus whatever else I may find that's desperate) to make it lake-worthy by April. In a perfect world, I'd make her shine like new, but budget and time may not allow that.

    1) what should I watch out for that I have not thought about or covered here yet?
    2) was there ever an interior sold without floor-to-ceiling bulkheads behind a sink/stove counter and with the table on the port side?
    3) Were the lifelines original equipment on these boats? I suspect my deck issues are the result of poor install of aftermarket stuff. I may not reinstall them once deck is fixed, unless someone gives me a real good reason why I should.
    4) I've seen lots of pictures of 22s with a hatch forward of the mast. Mine does not have this. Was it a feature on later models? An option? Or a third-party add on that lots of people did?
    5) I will need a motor, only for in and out of marina and/or emergency. What's the smallest horsepower that will move the boat? I don't want to spend a lot here. If I thought I could row her safely, I'd do that instead and claim the energy-free high ground.

    Thanks for reading. Any help and or comments appreciated.

    weird interior

  2. Hydro Therapy

    Hydro Therapy

    Joined Dec 27, 2012
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    Precision 22 (Sold), O 240 (Sold), Precision 28
    US Somers Point
    Congratulations, looks like a good winter project.

    I had a 1980 O22. Mine and everyone I've seen has the forward hatch. I seem to recall someone else in the past posting that there's did not have one. I guess the earlier ones didn't have it. Mine also had factory lifelines. I believe they all did but not sure. If your in non tidal water you should be fine with a 4 hp outboard. Mine had a 6 hp 2 stroke and later a 5. It was used in tidal water and 3 knot water flow is common in my area. Your cabin interior was definitely altered. Not necessarily a bad thing. I'm guessing one of the previous owner was a bit girthy and decided to change it to open up the limited space.

    Enjoy your new toy and welcome to this site.

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  3. repawn


    Joined Jul 28, 2014
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    Oday 22
    US Milwaukee
    Hi - I have an 1973 O'day 22 that required a ton of work - so I know what you have ahead of you. Your interior is different - but not bad - looks like the bulkhead is still there as is the compression post. Makes the boat feel a little more open. The early models didn't necessarily have a forward hatch - I wish mine did not. The deck may have some rot - mine did under the stanchions - the cabin sole also still needs to be redone on mine - but it sails just fine as is. My recommendations - do enough to make sure it is safe and won't sink - then go sailing - you can continue to do repairs and you will find things that may need work you hadn't even thought of. For motoring I have a 5hp 2-stroke that is more than adequate for Lake Michigan - whatever motor you end up with make sure the the shaft is long enough to stay in the water.

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  4. Sunbird22358


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    Oday Day Sailer
    US Wareham, MA
    Yes, your interior has been altered, but not as much as you might think! The original layout of the cabin In 1972 had a small "dinette" style table In place of the port-side quarterberth and no galley against the main bulkhead. It appears tat your main bulkhead has been cut In a custom shape, it was originally full height to the overhead. As far as I know, O'DAY changed to the interior layout that most 22s have sometime late in the 1972 model year, or at the start 0f 1973 production. (1972 was first model-year for the 22, production started sometime in late 1971 at beginning of 1972 production).
    The forward hatch was an option until about 1975, standard after that, the hatch design was changed during the 1977 model year to be flush with the cabin top, earlier models had a hatch coaming (frame) that was added as a separate molding and hatch was mounted on top of the cabin top.
    I've added a few pics of the early 22 showing original bulkhead and table design.

    Attached Files:

  5. Love and Luck

    Love and Luck

    Joined Sep 25, 2016
    86 posts, 39 likes
    Oday 22
    US Lake Arthur
    Wow, so that table and bench setup IS original!

    I had no idea. Thanks for those pics!

    Ultimately, I plan to do something about the interior. Exactly what, I'm not sure, and I've plenty of time to think about it first. Restoring this design is one more option :)

    Thanks for the help and encouragement.

    I'll keep everyone updated on the interwebs here :)

  6. Love and Luck

    Love and Luck

    Joined Sep 25, 2016
    86 posts, 39 likes
    Oday 22
    US Lake Arthur
    Okay, I've been doing some research, but I haven't found a whole lot about he original interior. Maybe you can help, since my bulkheads have been greatly altered. In this pic, which I stole from your post:
    I have circled shiny things which may be bolts, snaps, etc. Are they original? What's going on there?

    Also, did the "optional galley" slide in and out like on the 23?

    I may try to reconstruct the original interior, since the "dinette" seats and table are still in place.

    Or I may attempt to convert it to the later more common design.

    Or I may choose door number 3.

    But if I do #1, I may have some more questions.

    Thanks, everybody!

  7. Sunbird22358


    Joined Jun 2, 2004
    1,726 posts, 55 likes
    Oday Day Sailer
    US Wareham, MA
    Actually, there was no optional galley on the early 22, just the option of a sink with water tank and pump located forward of the main bulkhead, to starboard, where the later boats had a hanging locker. You can see this in the pic that you re-posted. I suspect those shiny fittings are owner added? The ones on the Port side bulkhead might have secured a backrest cushion for the forward dinette seat? Said cushion would most likely be unsnapped and laid on the lowered table to be used while sleeping.

  8. Garlbrown


    Joined Nov 6, 2018
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    O'Day 22
    Mynx US Corpus Christi
    here are a couple of pics from my "new O'Day 22" showing the sink and cabinet for a 2 burner stove. IMG_20181031_155118.jpg IMG_20181031_155123.jpg

  9. Will D

    Will D

    Joined Aug 22, 2018
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    O'Day Daysailer
    Stargazer US Pueblo Reservoir
    You can do it! I would like to hear about it if you tackle the damaged core.

  10. jimrichey


    Joined Oct 13, 2018
    21 posts, 5 likes
    venture 222
    US georgia
    WOW!!! Congrats!!! I just got a Macgregor Venture 22 that I am re-working. Keep me updated on your project

  11. Cape Daysailor

    Cape Daysailor

    Joined Jan 19, 2019
    33 posts, 4 likes
    Helsen 22
    Mistral US Waquoit Bay
    One thing I would look out for is the bilge. I bought a 1976 Helsen 22 a few months ago and was so caught up in getting the boat in the water, I forget to check and make sure it actually had a working pump. Thank goodness it didn’t rain to much over the summer, but the lesson is that you must know how you are going to get the water out of your boat.

  12. Cape Daysailor

    Cape Daysailor

    Joined Jan 19, 2019
    33 posts, 4 likes
    Helsen 22
    Mistral US Waquoit Bay
    By the way have fun with your new boat. Trailer Sailers are really great, fun, and pretty easy to sail boats. I hope you enjoy!

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