Height of the the boat to remove the rudder?

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    I'm going to be removing the rudder to do some work . I thought i could dig a hole under it but can not . Does anyone know the height the rudder has to be off the ground to come out ? I have a 89 wing keel. Thanks.

  2. shemandr


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    You can measure the length of your rudder tube and add a bit.
    If you can't dig a hole I would suggest biting the bullet and raising the boat on a travel lift for the little time it takes to remove the rudder. Raising the boat sounds risky to me. The weight of the boat should be on the keel. There are lots of members here who have expertise about this - I am not one. Maybe someone else will respond. Unfortunately, it's decent weather in the East and a lot of us are trying to get our boats in.

  3. NoAgenda


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    We just did this on our boat last weekend. Our cradle is on 2 blocks about 8" thick and there is another one under the keel. I had to dig a hole about 6" to have clearance to put the rudder back in. (1992 wing keel).

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