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H376 Cowl Vent (hood) Replacement

Discussion in 'Big Boats' started by mlpayne, Sep 12, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. mlpayne


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    Hunter 376
    US Havre de Grace
    I lost one of my dorade (pvc cowl vent) hoods and need a replacement. Any help to be appreciated.

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  2. jviss


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    Looks like a Vetus.

  3. slazerow


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    The cowls are available at West Marine. I suggest that you put a small screw in the side so that it won't come out again if anyone hits it accidentally.

  4. jssailem


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  5. quadrille38


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    I agree and they are often at prices that are competitive with or less than the others.
    I shop here whenever I can.
    The folks that operate this are so helpful and knowlegeable about such a wide range of boat models that any time I've needed parts they've been able to help match what came as original.

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  6. mlpayne


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    Hunter 376
    US Havre de Grace
    Just to close out this thread in case future users search the topic. I assume the cowl vents on my H376 were original equipment. The Hunter manual shows the vent as part number HW4856 and same was used on both the H376 and subsequent H386 models. There is not cross reference (that I could find) between the Hunter part number and a MFR part number. Various MFRs produce low profile flexible cowl vents. After looking at several, I guessed the SeaDog Line part number 727142-3 to be the best match. Turns out it is a direct replacement. Attached pics show original vents and new replacement. Thanks to all who provided info on this topic. < OUT > CowlVentSeaDog.jpg

  7. Jeff Jellick

    Jeff Jellick

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    I bought my new ones right here, hunter, why not support them...