Forward hatch replacement options for O'day 192/222

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  1. Brian S

    Brian S

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    I know this has been talked about, but my search didn't come up with too many posts.

    The stock forward opening hatch on the O'day 192/222 is a smoked plastic lens in a black plastic frame. I have a friend who sourced a replacement hatch for her 222 from D&R Marine, and it keeps to this same color scheme, which I'm not terribly fond of, as the black plastic surround always looks kinda chalky. Her replacement isn't that old. It came with a plastic frame screen, which she said falls out all the time. I looked at it, and I figure we can mitigate this to an extent by sticking some velcro hook strips along the sides of the hatch frame, just to provide some friction holding.

    Rudy has told me that he has the company, which I assume is Bomar/Pompanette, make custom hatches, I assume to be their Bowmar 900 series. From their website, I see the 900 series is available in white or black. Not sure I would want a white surround, either, given the gelcoat is a creme color. Also, I know that the replacement Rudy has does not have the holes line up exactly, so filling and re-drilling of the holes is in order (not a big deal, really.)

    Since I do not have the old hatch removed yet for measurement, I'm wondering if anyone has done the replacement with an alternative hatch, and has measurements. I am probably most interested in something with an aluminum surround, because I think it would look nicer on the boat. If you have alternatives, please let me know brand and model, and measurements if you have them.

    In the long run, I'll probably wind up just getting the black one from D&R, as a known good replacement, but I'll like to check other options. Also, worst case scenario, I work on removing the old one for measurements after haul-out in late October, and source replacement over the winter, for spring replacement. I am also thinking of trying to complete the replacement in the fall, because imagine launching the boat in spring, instead of spending all of spring and early summer working on projects! What an idea! :D

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    I'd be curious for this as well.
    Mine has been resealed at some point. And I'd like to replace it as well. But since it isn't leaking I have yet to bother

  3. Pat


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    Before the 272's first hatch replacement we had taken note of how cheesy the first hatch was...then the new one appears, then another new plastic and several areas where the lense has broken loose from the plastic black caulk that seems to hold it all together....Today and yesterday a massive rain maker moves up from our friends in Texas and Oklahoma and it's been raining for 2 some places very heavy rain....My consistent curse is that the boat sits a bit bow down with the anchor and chain in the locker so I was sure our cockpit would not be draining well....this is now how wet I've been...sure enough the black plastic hatch in question is leaking like a sieve.....we've place pans, etc. in the v-berth to collect the water (this works well) but this is the 3rd v-berth hatch that has been worthless...the only good thing is that we've figured out a way to put pans and such in the v-berth to collect the the moral of the story is don't try to fix the hatch...just get really creative in where you put the pans, trash cans, etc. so as to keep the quilts and bedding can do it if you the way it is still raining....Keep the faith.......Patrick in Wichita also...just realized I replied to the Daysailor option....We started this life with an O'day Daysailor....what a great boat !!!1......Have a great day, Patrick in Paradise.

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