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Forward facing fixed port

Discussion in 'Big Boats' started by dakno, Jan 3, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. dakno


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    Hunter 41DS
    US new orleans
    Hello Sailors
    Has anyone had to replace one of the two forward facing fixed ports on the 41ds. My forward facing Portside lite/port/window cracked and is leaking water thru the crack. I had tightened the phillips head screws on the inside retainer ring attempting to stop a leak around the edges and apparently overtightened it, cracking the lens. I only need to replace the lens itself as the interior and exterior trim is all intact. I am attempting to find a replacement from Bomar but no luke yet. The acrylic seems flat and should be able to source locally if I can get the old lens out and not damage any of the trim. Anyone done this?

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  2. DayDreamer41


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    I found these guys you might want to call
    We can also make any size replacement hatch you need.
    Please call Allen at Cesany Plastics, Inc. with any questions at 954 568 2002 ALLEN

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  3. Capt jgw

    Capt jgw

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    If you can get it apart Home Depot has 1/4" acrylic sheets pretty cheap. Cuts easily with fine tooth jig saw blades, or table saw on the straight cuts. You can also cut with a router and trim bit.

  4. dakno


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    Hunter 41DS
    US new orleans
    I was hoping there was someone here who had broke down this assembly and had hands on experience taking this unit apart. I have to assume they are all fairly similar and the removal steps similar. I will let y'all know how it shakes out. Thanks

  5. TFlight


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    Hunter 41DS
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    I have a 2007 41 DS. One of my port lights has a crack near the latch handle but it hasn't started leaking yet. My port side window had begun to leak a little but I was able to seal it temporarily with a bit of silicon. I'm not sure about your Port light but the side windows I believe or simply silicone in. To rebed the side windows I believe simply drill a small hole at the outer edge, insert some 50lb test monofilament fishing line and with help from both inside and outside pull the fishing line around the circumference of the window to break the seal.
    I'm sorry I can't help you with your current project but if there are any other questions or comparisons you have feel free let me know.
    I'll be watching your progress,
    Good luck