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Folding Props... A favorite?

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by rfrye1, Sep 6, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. rfrye1


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    US San Diego
    after reading about everyone's satisfaction with folding props, is there any agreement on a favorite model/make? They are so expensive.
    Thanks. Bob

  2. seadaddler


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    Hunter 36
    US Punta Gorda
    My flex o fold prop has been on myH-36 since 2007 and love it has great motoring power and improved sailing and in reverse handling and nothing needs to be done just keep reasonable clean from buildup of barnacles and is metal Ithink brass and I think price is very good around $2000.00 and all the above is whyIgot it and would buy again.
    No adjusting every needed or greasing just keep clean and I am in Fl so when my diver in the warmer months cleans my bottom every 6 to 8 weeks and he cleans and check the zinc on it.
    I did do the cleaning myself and zinc but my diver been doing for a few years now and best prop ever and I know this comparing it to other friends.

  3. M_Michaels


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    US Port Clinton, Ohio
    Flex O fold 3 blade. Back to port or starboard with near zero prop walk.

  4. Parsons


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    US Bay City, MI
    I really like my 3-blade MaxProp feathering prop. PYI is the US distributor and gives excellent advice on sizing and pitch. The advantages to feathering props is low wind sailing. In higher winds you have more power than you can use and you're doing hull-speed; no advantage. My backing has improved, but I still get some prop walk. Quality is very high ... and you pay for it! Prop walk is a factor of hull design and shaft angle. Unless you are a serious racer, I would guess you don't really want a 'folding' prop, but a feathering one. Folders make a little egg shape when not used, but are notoriously bad for motoring efficiency. Even with a feathering prop, you may probably lose 10% boat speed for given rpm's.

  5. lurker


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    1+ on the three blade Max Prop. I had a few issues initially getting it pitched just right, but the representive in Seattle was great help on the phone. Now I get incredibly effective reverse, hull speed easily going forward, and it feathers when sailing. Couldn't be happier with this brand of prop. I don't think the folding props give the same reverse effectiveness as the feathering, otherwise they are great low drag props.

  6. Justin_NSA


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    I was fortunate that Bella came with the 2 blade Flex 0 Fold. It does have some propwalk but think it's common with fixed props as well.

  7. M_Michaels


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    Hunter 380
    US Port Clinton, Ohio
    I removed a over complicated flat bladed Max prop. Installed a 3 blade flex O fold. The flexofold prop has a progressive curve from tip to hub, just like a fixed prop. I would not go back to Max prop even if it was free.

  8. Mikem


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    US Bremerton
    Love my 3 blade flex o fold. Sailing speed is up 1/2 kt. Motors slightly better than my tuned and balanced fixed three blade. Went from 8.3 kts at WOT to 8.6 at the same 3600 rpm. Backing is the same as my fixed prop. The only backing I ever do is into a slip and that is at very slow speed. I really don't understand this fascination with reverse. My flex o fold was $1300 cheaper than the recommended max prop. BTW why do max props have to be rebuilt on occasion? Maybe flex o folds require a rebuild but I've never read about one. I took an underwater video of my prop and it opened at about 1/2 revolution or less and closed when the power was cut.

  9. jviss


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    US Westport, MA
    Ford or Chevy.
    Nikon or Canon.
    Rolex or Omega.

    Popularity contest. Confirmation bias. Promoting and rationalizing one's own purchase decision.

    Anyway, any objective comparison of these two very popular props?

    As far as prop walk goes, it's not the folding or feathering, it's the asymmetrical p-disk loading that does it. Same as in airplanes. Don't see how one or the other is better in this regard, unless they've discovered some magic with graduated pitch.

  10. jviss


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    US Westport, MA
    That's because it's not adjustable. If you want a different pitch, you have to get different blades.

  11. jviss


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    Tartan 3800
    US Westport, MA

  12. Apex


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    Mainesail has his own history and likes/dislikes on here somewhere as well.

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