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Ericson 29 weaknesses?

Discussion in 'Ericson' started by sgwright67, Jan 20, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. sgwright67


    Joined Jan 16, 2019
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    Looking Cruiser
    TBD Ca Victoria, BC
    Hello all,

    I'm looking at an Ericson 29 in my area which has been listed recently for $7500CAD. It has wheel steering, roller furling, dodger, Volvo 2 cyl diesel, propane dickinson heater, and the rest appears original. The Volvo engine is too tall for the original housing, so a box sticks up about 4-6" to provide clearance. I haven't viewed the boat yet, so can't say how well this is constructed.

    I've looked at two other Ericsons (29 and 30+), and both were significantly more than this one ($14K and 24K). How does the 29 sail compared to other boats of its vintage? The PHRF rating around 200 suggests it's a bit slower than most 27-29 footers, and it seems a bit heavier than most also. I like that Ericsons use encapsulated keels. The shroud chain plates on the 29 appear to be almost at the edge of the deck, so sheeting angles won't be as good as some other boats.

    Where are the chainplates anchored? I could not seem them on the bulkheads in the photos. Are there any specific weaknesses in this boat that I should check for?


  2. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis

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    Ca Lyall Harbour Saturna Island
    Hi @sgwright67
    Had a E28+. Pretty solid boat. Chainplates were fastened to a cabin bulkhead. Our interest was in cruising, not racing, and we went from Victoria to Bella Bella. I would want to check out the mods to accommodate the Volvo engine. Good price if it's in decent shape.
    Check out Ericson forum.

  3. Don S/V ILLusion

    Don S/V ILLusion

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    We had a 29 many years ago and loved it. Don't plan on getting anywhere quickly or turning quickly (semi-full keel effects). Also, because of the full keel, engine power can be a consideration. We found our 5411 11HP 2blade prop could manage only 3 knots against a stiff breeze. It never leaked which is more than I can say for any boat we ever had subsequently.

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  4. Stu Jackson

    Stu Jackson

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  5. sgwright67


    Joined Jan 16, 2019
    15 posts, 3 likes
    Looking Cruiser
    TBD Ca Victoria, BC
    Thanks, this is good to know, as there are lots of currents to contend with around here. The first 29 I looked at had a 4 cyl universal diesel, one of the type designed as a drop in Atomic 4 replacement, rated at 25hp. It also had a small bump in the engine lid, but only about 2", so the after bunk was a bit more functional. That example was a '74, with a survey value placed at $10K, even with core separation in the decks.
    So if all else checks out, this one at $7500 seems to be decent value.

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