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Elite / (Kerie Feeling?)

Discussion in 'Other Sailboats' started by Apex, Jul 11, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Apex


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    I am perusing the internets and came across a lovely looking cruiser, Elite 364. PHRF around 120, perhaps a bit slower for a 36footer. Anyone know much of the Elite and/or Kerie Feeling lines on this side of the pond. It appears Elite is a French brand with a Canadian builder also creating North American models. Deep keel, double spreader rig, with a fast looking form with a contrary cruiser/simple running rigging topsides.

    @Jackdaw must have some input on that brand? A previous sale fell through for some issues found, and am interested in value and cost for some repairs prior to putting any time investment by looking into it.

    Keel Rebed ?$?
    Soda Blasting, barrier and VC a bottom ?$?
    Anyone been through these in the Great Lakes in the last few years, hiring out to yard?

  2. Jackdaw


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    Sure. The Kerie yard existed in France for quite a while, and produced quality boats. Not a lot of them over here. I actually looked at a few, but never bit because they are all masthead, and I have a particular fondness for fractional rigs. The quality of the interior woodwork in particular was great. The family sold out a few years ago, and AFAICT the brand is dead. But good boats, if you see one you like it probably sails well and has good bones.

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