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Ed Schenck - Tragic bicycle accident, we lose one of our own

Discussion in 'Ask All Sailors' started by Rich Stidger, Nov 13, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Rick D

    Rick D

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    US Long Beach, Shoreline Marina, CA
    RIP Ed...

  2. Johnb


    Joined Jan 22, 2008
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    Hunter 37-cutter
    US Richmond CA
    With a "sister ship" I had the benefit of Ed's wisdom and experience. He was a smart and helpful person.

  3. Sailm8


    Joined Feb 21, 2008
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    US Punta Gorda
    Sad news. RIP Ed

  4. tgentsch


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    US Atwood Lake, OH
    I didn't know Ed very well, as I'm new to the Sailing Buckeye Yacht Club on Atwood Lake these past few years. The last time I ran into Ed was on good old F-Dock where we compared notes on Cherubini era Hunters. A great guy with plenty of time to talk sailing. He sailed Atwood and Erie, mostly Erie. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  5. Phil Herring

    Phil Herring Dethroned Admin

    Joined Mar 25, 1997
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    US Bainbridge Island
    Just saw this thread, terribly sad. Ed was a great guy and one of the _very_ first owners here. He'll be missed.

  6. David in Sandusky

    David in Sandusky

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    US Sandusky Harbor Marina, Lake Erie
    I met Ed at the Cleveland Boat Show, but our real relationship was our love of the Cherubini Hunters. My dream was to own Ed’s 37c. I don’t know of a boat in better shape.

    I pray for Ed’s Family, and for us! We will all miss him.

  7. rardiH36


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    Hunter Cherubini 36_80-82
    US San Francisco Bay's "Hurricane Glitch"
    Terrible to learn of Ed's death. Joining SBO in 2007, soon after the purchase of my 1980 Cherubini Hunter 36 (the one foot shorter "little sister" of Ed's Cherubini Hunter 37), I often would encounter Ed's useful posts. And he readily chimed in to assist my newbie me to get a handle on my projects.

    He will be missed on the Cherubini forum. Undoubtedly he will missed much more by his real life friends and family.

    The circumstances of Ed's death hit very close to home for me. As with Alan12210 and also Bob R, I too came within hair's breadth of duplicating the outcome of Ed's bicycle accident. From the description in the Article that Rich Stidger included with his opening post, the circumstances were very similar.

    I have cut-and-pasted below my "incident report" that I drafted soon after my October 2015 accident ... Many friends and relatives wanted to know the details.

    Even before my accident, I had become very nervous about road biking. Too many near scary situations over the years. And increasingly alarmed as more than a few friends and acquaintances got serious "road rash", or bruised, or ended up in emergency rooms.

    I am riding again from my home to the boat. But that's only on a dedicated pedestrian/bike path which covers 90% of the way. Then I take the back roads and paths for the remaining 10% to minimize the number of vehicles to share the road with.

    Other than that, road biking for exercise is a thing of the past for me. Just not worth the risk. Equal too or even more risky than riding a motorcycle.

    Here's my account. Wish that Ed's outcome was better .... so he also would still be here to describe his experience.

    On my bicycle, a SUV coming in the other direction made a sudden left turn across the road. I saw the movement immediately out my peripheral vision and hit my brakes harder than I ever had on a bicycle. Otherwise, for sure I either would have been hit or I would have crashed into the side of vehicle. Just before I came to a stop, just before I was about to release my brakes, my front wheel locked. And within a micro-second I was flipped over the handle bars. The top of my head with the full weight of by body above was the impact point. Without a helmet, my skull would have been shattered. (Inspecting the helmet afterward, the stryofoam inside was broken and cracked in multiple places... evidence that I hit hard.) Instead, the shock transferred to my neck. The driver did stop. I shook myself off. Just seemed that I had strained some neck muscles. So I only scolded the the guy for being so careless and sent him on his way. I contemplated continuing my ride, but decided to turn around and retreat the 5 miles over the hill back to home. Put some ice on the neck, had a beer, and watched the 49’ers losing once again on TV. After about an hour, I asked Susan (my wife) to drive me to the Marin County San Rafael Kaiser Hospital ER for an evaluation. The ER doctor initially also thought that I had just pulled the muscles. But as a last comment before releasing me, he said that if I would like a CT scan just to be sure, he would order. Yes, of course I would like! The CT scan revealed pretty significant breaks of the C1 and C2 vertebrae. Same two that paralyzed Superman Christopher Reeves. Kaiser’s spine injury center 90 miles away in San Jose quickly accessed the electronically transferred CT image which was instantaneously available to them. They declared the breaks stable. The scan did not show any soft tissue (disc rupture) trauma. A full recovery was the prognosis. The ER staff put me in a rigid neck brace, gave me some Norco, and sent me home. Expected duration in the neck brace is 3-4 months. X-rays will be required every few weeks to access the healing progress.


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  8. justsomeguy


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    @rardiH36 : off road bicycling...

    Sorry, Ed. Blue skies.

  9. sesmith


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    US Ithaca, NY
    So sorry to hear of Ed's death. Accidents like his hit close to home for me, as I nearly died in a similar bike accident 5 years ago. Mine involved a high speed crash caused by hitting a pot hole. The fact that Ed was riding at 75 is inspiration to those of us who enjoy road riding. I hope I can be as fortunate to still be out riding at 75. Fair winds, Ed.

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  10. jviss


    Joined Feb 5, 2004
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    Tartan 3800
    US Westport, MA
    There are anti-lock brakes for bicycles. It's relatively new, or emerging. I think it's an excellent investment. I've had ABS on a motorcycle for 13 years now and it's a super feature, not just for a panic stop, but for when you run over something slippery, like a wet manhole cover. A life-saver. Highly recommended.

  11. NotCook


    Joined Dec 29, 2008
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    Treworgy 65' Custom Steel Pilothouse Staysail Ketch
    US St. Croix, Virgin Islands
    Also just saw this. Condolences to Ed’s family.

  12. zeehag


    Joined Mar 26, 2009
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    1976 formosa 41 yankee clipper
    US santa barbara. ca.(not there)
    r i p ed.
    life is short. best enjoy it

  13. sailnc


    Joined Sep 6, 2014
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    Hunter 37C
    US New Bern, NC
    So sorry to learn of this. I feel like I knew Ed even though we were never physically in the same place. I learned a lot from him about our sistership H37C. I regret we never met in person.
    My sincere condolences to his family.

  14. Rod10027


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    Hunter Cherubim 33-77-82 (1980)
    US Pebble Isl, Johnsonville, TN
    The forum has lost a library...RIP Ed...

  15. Jackdaw


    Joined Nov 8, 2010
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    US Minneapolis MN & Bayfield WI
    For sure, but for E-bikes only. Way to power-hungry (and heavy) for pedal bikes.

  16. jviss


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    US Westport, MA
    Not necessarily. Systems exist, and more are emerging now, for pedal bikes: Budbrake, SABS, Outbraker. I like SABS, no power required, around $110 per wheel, about 6 oz. weight.

  17. Jackdaw


    Joined Nov 8, 2010
    8,955 posts, 2,237 likes
    Beneteau First 36.7 & 260
    US Minneapolis MN & Bayfield WI
    Just looked at the SABS system... clever!

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  18. yoms1984


    Joined Apr 27, 2015
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    Hunter 37 Cutter
    US Perth Amboy
    Ed sent me a message, never got a chance to read it! Working on a 37c was Ed's passion. It is becoming mine as well. I will miss his comments in the forums. RIP Ed.
    Jim Dry - Windseeker

  19. med2463


    Joined Nov 6, 2009
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    Hunter 37
    US FL
    Bill & I are sad to hear about Ed. He visited us when we lived in Fl & exchanged many emails about our boats. We sold our 37 Cherubini yesterday to a young couple taking a sabbatical.
    Mary Dixon
    Fantasy (soon to be renamed by new owners)

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