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  1. Roger Long

    Roger Long

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    US Portland, Maine
    I remember being curled up in my prep school dorm room reading “Heavy Weather Sailing”. Adlard Coles and his wife were storm bound for days on the continent. Every day, they would trudge in the rain up to the point overlooking the jetty and look out at the sea they dared not venture into. They ended up leaving too early and getting thoroughly beat up which resulted in the account being included in the book. I remember thinking Yes! I want to do that. I want that to be me.

    Does youth ever look foolish from the age and place where I sit now, waiting out this unprecedented spell of awful weather in Cape May.

    Well, maybe not quite so foolish. I guess I would actually trade places with him in an instant. He was walking up that hill with the one he loved. They could stop in town at a little European café and then return to a boat with the coal range glowing in a simple world of no outside contact except a radio receiver.

    On the other hand, they still had a horrible war yet to go through. However, the deluge of news and information that flows through my cell modem on to the computer which is my substitute for walking up to the jetty makes me think I could still see worse.

    This would have been a great time with my love. We never run out of things to talk about and can always find other ways to amuse ourselves. Her being up in New York sending me news of spring in Central Park (How can it be spring in New York when it’s still *&#$*$ winter down here?) kind of sucks the joy and relaxation out of the past days. I pushed hard on the heels of the disappointment of a lost spring the Chesapeake to get here and, Wham!, trapped.

    After a beautiful and easy run down Delaware Bay , I did have two very pleasant evenings with the couple I helped kedge off in Chesapeake City while we waited out the worst of the weather. Wanting to save my money for better things than marina fees, and to create at least the illusion of progress, I moved out to the anchorage.

    I spent one night in front of the Coast Guard station but, when the tide turned the boat against the strengthening NE wind, it got very uncomfortable so I moved over close to the beach south of the bridge. The water was very smooth being just 2-3 boat lengths from the shore in 11 feet of water but the wind howled above. The tide swung the boat sideways creating a very noticeable heel and the sand blew down the beach the way snow does across a road early in a blizzard.

    I usually pass these times reading but I’ve been edgy and nervous. I read a couple pages, spend some time on the computer, fuss with something on the boat… never has time dragged so. There is a good view down the entrance channel here and the waves breaking at the entrance have been impressive as has the sight of fairly large boats appearing and disappearing behind the breakwater as they go in and out.

    Things seem to be calming down. There is a good forecast for a run up to Atlantic City tomorrow and it looks like another lay day there before the long , long run up to Sandy Hook. All potential crew have bailed on me so it is going to be an especially long day on Monday.

  2. sea_casper


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    US Mumford Cove,CT & Block Island
    Want to go to NY?
    Weathers Bad?
    Leave the boat there, its not far by car, bus, etc..
    Or, go to Atlantic City, stay at the Aquarian dock, shortens the run to Sandy Hook enough.

    Don't let get-home-itis cloud your judgement.

  3. Roger Long

    Roger Long

    Joined Nov 22, 2008
    3,563 posts, 8 likes
    Endeavour 32
    US Portland, Maine
    I'm now in Atlantic City or, more accurately, Brigantine, in the small pool across from the harbor.


    It was an easy run up yesterday although I left at 0343 to get ahead of winds that did not materialize.

    All sorts of things have come up in the past few days that we would like to do in the NYC area for which the boat is essential. We've also realized that the lower end of the Hudson and LIS are a week or so ahead of Albany weather wise. It can be another long slog up the river between good shelter so we've abandoned the idea of getting the boat tucked away and turning our focus to the cottages. This spares me a lot of gardening and I'll have more to write about so, everyone here should be happy.

    Monday looks doable but tiring and uncomfortable. Tuesday should be calm but ending up with a bit more wind than I would like to deal with in the New York approaches, even if it will be following. The best bet may be a Monday overnight in the calm before the wind turns south.

    Watching New York come up over the horizon is one of the great experiences of this passage and combining it with dawn should be a great experience. I'll then tuck into the inner or outer anchorage at Coney Island depending on weather conditions and rest and wait for the East River tide.

    I'll probably move over to the marina this morning as I can only get out of the pond near high tide.

    There is still time for someone to meet me in Atlantic City if they would like to make this run.



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