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Cruising: motoring DDW at 6 knots in 6 knots of breeze, on the cool North Atlantic,...

Discussion in 'Cruising Sailors' started by TomY, Aug 7, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. All U Get

    All U Get

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    US Strafford, NH
    Finally a cool breeze for the evening.

  2. BruceB1


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    US Newport
    A912272E-5AFA-43C7-AB29-A67BE9AF41D1.jpeg Well, for what it is worth, it has been hot here in your home waters too!
    I will say that as a MoBo’r we do have a generator and air conditioning but running a generator for just AC is not recommended. You want to keep the generator loaded!
    So, unless we are at a dock and plugged in, we get a few hours of AC during the day.
    I’m not complaining though and neither are our dogs!
    By the way, at 5 3/4 knots we burn about .75 gallons per hour, not much more than our sailboat did. The problem is that we never just move at that speed... 7 knots is just under 2 gallons per hour and 8 is 3 gallons per hour. Now we are getting toward that “barrels of fuel” label...

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  3. uralite


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    We moved from Tucson AZ to north Idaho last year. It was 118 degrees in Tucson when we left. Closed Sky Harbor in Phoenix because it was over 120 deg. Yesterday it was 104 here in Idaho, and 94 in Phoenix, 89 in Tucson. What the heck?! (Monsoon time, but still shocking). Going to swim in Pond Oreille today. Waters perfect

  4. Rick486


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    Spent some time on Pond Oreille back in the day. Beautiful country.

  5. TomY

    TomY Alden Forum Moderator

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    We had less luck, Rick on provisions. We spent an afternoon in Scituate enjoying their 'Heritage Days'. Unaware of the event, we were lucky to get the last mooring.

    We walked around town and except for street food for the event, we didn't see a 'grocery store'. Is there a convenient grocery in Scituate?

    Curious about the lack of shore side groceries, I began to ask locals in Gloucester for the local grocery store: They (2-3 folks) told me no such thing within the downtown.

    Then in beautiful Rockport (the lesser,...) :), we found the same case. A gent that had been there for decades told us the only thing close was the 7/11. Processed prepared food there, but no groceries, produce, etc.

    In fact in Boothbay, a place where we regularly provisioned just off the docks years ago at a local small grocery, I found the space filled with a tourist shop. Like we found elsewhere, the 'local' grocery was now outside of the town center.

    The solution for us (like in Sandwich-16 minute walk in 94 degree heat with groceries?), was Uber. :)

    This is just a minor inconvenience for the cruising sailor. I look at it as a resident of a seaside village. The trend, decades old, is clear.

    Coastal towns and villages are becoming more seasonal and year round residents, more rare. When we do find local suppliers in our travels, we try to support them.

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