1. Don Guillette

    Don Guillette

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    Congrats to sailboatowners.com on the completion of 20 years providing a combination service to sailors that doesn't exist anywhere on the web. Their ships store provides quality products at an affordable price and their customer service is beyond what West marine, BoatsUS or any other marine company provides. Then there's the best part of all, which is the FORUM'S, which sailboatowners.com provided to sailors for free. Additionally, sailors provide the best answers to questions bar none.

    Like Peggy Hall, I became associated with SBO about 20 years ago. I was looking for a company to distribute my products but every response I received was "call us when you've established a sales track record" - how was I supposed to establish a sales track record when no one would carry my products?? Then one day I called Bly Berkin. I expected another NO but SBO was trying to get off the ground and I had a connection with Catalina owners but most importantly Bly & I came from similar backgrounds and we connected and additionally developed the SAIL TRIM FORUM.

    SBO has sold my products to every country in the world except China & Russia -- don't know what it is with those 2 countries. Our business relationship has been unique -- I never personally met Bly & Phil and we never signed a contract -- our relationship was based on a verbal hand shake, which is unique in today's world.

    I hope SBO is successful for another 20 years.

  2. Jackdaw


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    well done and well said!

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  3. Scott T-Bird

    Scott T-Bird

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    The SBO store, forums and members have a personality that is unmatched in the internet world, IMHO. I've been a happy member and customer ever since we bought our boat and I went looking for knowledge and advice and products. I don't remember exactly how I found this site, but it certainly grabbed my attention when I did find it!

  4. kloudie1


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    Well put, Don!.. The folks that help us every day with maintaining the forum and providing a ships store deserve accolades for the outstanding service !

  5. Richard Bryer

    Richard Bryer

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    I have learned more from this website over the last 14 years than any other site. Well done- makes boat owning easier

  6. smokey73


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    I don't remember how I found this site but it has become my "go to" source for about anything to do with my boat, any problems I may have and potential improvements. It has never let me down to date and thanks to all the members who contribute! We may not always agree but the ideas, thoughts, cautions and general knowledge are impressive - a real example of crowd sourcing that works! I don't really know what I'd do without this resource - probably struggle on solutions or spend a lot more $$$ on things than I need to. BZ

    Also - SBO is a resource that simply isn't available elsewhere and a special thanks to Al Fooks who saved my bacon on sourcing some parts that I figured would be nearly impossible to get after Hurricane Matthew did some damage to my boat. You don't get service like that from very many places!

  7. Alansails


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    Congrats, you are a great service to everyone-Thank you!

  8. Don Guillette

    Don Guillette

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    Jackdaw: Thank you. I don't know if you know this but your recent topic is the LARGEST forum lister participation topic EVER over the last 19 to 20 years - I watched it develop and I didn't think it would ever end!!

    Congrats to you and for the great concise sail trim info you provide to the sail trim forum listers.

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  9. gettinthere


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    There are numerous other options around the net...but, BY FAR, the signal to noise ratio is significantly lower here. Congratulations to the moderators and all the members who work so well together to keep this place moderate. Best wishes to the SBO family for another great year.

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  10. Bristol35-5sailboat


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    One of my must read boating sites, and great innovative products. Marilyn

  11. Ctskip


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    Great story. People who do business with a handshake are rare. People who business with a verbal handshake are exceptional people. That is why I have been in the SBO family for what seems like decades. Rare and exceptional is what makes SBO work.

  12. Jackdaw


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    @Don Guillette, LOL just saw this. That's very cool. As you can tell, I give this stuff more than passing thought!

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  13. Will Gilmore

    Will Gilmore

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    I think that is true of many SBO members. We joke and have fun, but everyone of you guys are genuinely interested in helping each other where you can. You have my thanks too.

    - Will (Dragonfly)

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