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Confused HIN

Discussion in 'Day Sailers' started by rsaack, Mar 14, 2019 at 3:42 PM. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. rsaack


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    American Fiberglass A-16
    none US Nantucket
    B3A76258-5652-4F3D-9618-226880C047DF.jpeg 63B1EF9B-22EF-46E9-84C3-274AEA8354A0.jpeg 5639DB50-26AB-437D-A84D-43B8BE2FAFA8.jpeg A76B6161-F786-4A8E-81C7-B9D9A75E340B.jpeg Hull ID on newly acquired 1979 16’ daysailer identifies it as an O’Day built hull at Marblehead location. But sail # and online pix has it as an American Fiberglass A-16. Anyone with knowledge as to what was going on back then ? Title lists boat as an “Ospray” which it certainly is not. Additionally having hard time finding a replacement for the cast aluminum mast step.

  2. topcat0399


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    MacGregor Venture V224
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    The 70's were the wild west of sail boats I think. Hull number ID's were
    a new thing and it wasn't implemented very consistently by anybody from what I can tell.

    My boats Title is wrong also but it takes an act of congress to get the DMV to fix it
    so I have finally given up and just accept whats on it - right or wrong.

    The sail could have come from another boat as a replacement.
    Sail numbers do not always indicate hull number.

    I would just buy a stainless steel tabernacle from someone such as Gaurhauer for the mast step.
    Whats wrong with the old one? If its just ugly - polish it up!


  3. rsaack


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    American Fiberglass A-16
    none US Nantucket
    Thanks for your response. Pic doesn’t show it well but one tang on step is broken-off and concerned the mast pin might pull up and out. Dwyer spar so imagine a new SS step can be rigged w/o shortening stays. Sail number and HIN jibe.

  4. topcat0399


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    MacGregor Venture V224
    US Cheeseland
    You could step the mast, drill a hole all the way thru the mount and mast, and throw a removable bolt or a pin through it.
    Many tabernacles do exactly that - including mine. The pin is only to prevent the unlikely occurrence of the foot kicking out.
    Most of the force on the mast foot is directly DOWN.

  5. Daveinet


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    If the mast rigging is secure, it should be OK. Once the mast is up, the front edge of the mast catches the lip on the front of the step and locks it into place. The only way it can move backwards is if the mast is tilted aft.

    I used to own an American Fiberglass 2+2. Used the same mast step. There is a group on Yahoo that may have more info.

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  6. MitchM


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    the bright bulbs alight in the PA boat license department in the 80s only allocated a certain number of spaces for HINs, so it cut off the last digit of mine (and presumably many other people's. ) the USCG picked up the error and refused to document my 1980 boat for 'discrepancy between the HIN on the PA boat registration and that on the manufacturers' cert of origin.' After 2 years of writing letters PA fixed their computer to allow the right number of spaces....

  7. Sunbird22358


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    Oday Day Sailer
    US Wareham, MA
    She ISN'T an O'DAY, it looks like and the sail emblem identifies her as an AMERICAN 16 built by American Fiberglass. O'DAY never had a "Marblehead" location. The O'DAY Ospray was a 15'9" design built by O'DAY from around 1960-69 and did not look too different from this boat, but with a much smaller cuddy and I think less beam (width) to the hull. I'll post a pic of an Ospray for comparison. The na couple of American 16 pictures.

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