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Columbia 30

Discussion in 'Columbia' started by Seaojoy, Feb 21, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Seaojoy


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    Columbia 30
    Seaojoy US Ca Channel Islands Harbor
    I recently purchased a 1972 Columbia 30, Hull #101. I went to the Columbia Yacht Owners Association website, but I suspect it is no longer being maintained. Anyway, would like to get an email list of those of you who may own the old C-30 to share info about our boats.

  2. jssailem


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    CAL 35 Cruiser
    US Salem, Moored Port Everett WA
    Good for you @Seaojoy. I looked at the Columbia boats (a Columbia 36) before I selected my CAL. They are a nice boat with a strong hull. The broker showing the boat attested that the hull was "Bullet Proof".
    Here is a link that may help you.

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