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Catalina Direct Lewmar replacement- Loving Bed-it Tape!!

Discussion in 'Catalina 30' started by uralite, Jun 9, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. uralite


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    fullsizeoutput_d1.jpeg This past weekend in spite of my transmission and gearbox woes, I was able to successfully replace the leaking port windows. Ordered new based on size from Catalina Direct. Only had to make a very small single cut to lengthen opening for window frame. I used Bed It tape from Mainesail and man is that stuff the bomb! I did not follow directions on the first one, but did on the second. If you don't use the tape, it will be messy and time consuming. Tape made all the difference!! The fastening that comes from Catalina direct are 25 mm, I needed 16 and 20 mm, so I bought from Ace and used allen heads in stainless. I think they look nice.
    fullsizeoutput_d2.jpeg fullsizeoutput_d3.jpeg

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  2. Ward H

    Ward H

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    @uralite Very nice job! Ace is my go to place for SS fasteners.

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