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Capri 30 rehab for grand prix winner

Discussion in 'Ask A Catalina Owner' started by Tom Barry, Jun 27, 2016. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Tom Barry

    Tom Barry

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    Catalina Capri 30
    A year and a half ago I was "gifted" an old Capri 30. The boat had certainly showed some good lite air performance with the previous owners however as we push it with full crews, carbon sails, 48 to 1 backstay and such the hull and deck just wasn't up to the task. Flexed a ton.
    We took to task improving the innerliner to hull bonding, reworking the mast step and redirecting the jackstays to a new mast step plate. We added fiberglass channel under the genoa tracks, mast step and the shroud bases. Along with other stiffening have turned the boat into a heavy air performer and just was awarded the Suncoast boat of the Year. A beast on the race coarse with lots of deck space for taking out the famdamily. If anyone is interested in what we have so far figured out, I would be happy to share. Post some picts in the Capri 30 gallery - Tom

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  2. Jackdaw


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    Nice job!

    I smiled and knew where this was going when you mentioned the 48:1 backstay.... Capris are flexy boats and that thing could fold the factory boat in half like a taco! ;^)

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  3. patrick.seidel


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    Catalina Capri 22
    45 US Annapolis

    Just sold my Capri 22 which has served us well in the Chesapeake. Just bought a Capri 30, #76 and working hard to get it ready for the season. The 4 jib turning blocks aft of the genoa tracks have cracked and broken sheaves. I called Catalina tech support and they don't know who made the cheek blocks. Took the sheaves to Maritime Plastics in Annapolis and for $636 they will spin up 4 new identical sheaves. Ugh! Attached a pic of the sheave.
    Any thoughts on replacement sheaves? I can always get new cheek blocks but would rather keep the current blocks.

    Thanks tons!


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  4. Charles Erwin

    Charles Erwin

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  5. patrick.seidel


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    Catalina Capri 22
    45 US Annapolis
    Just emailed Ed and he thinks they can do it rather easily.
    Thanks tons for the recommendation.

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