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Cabin Sole marine plywood

Discussion in 'Ask A Catalina Owner' started by nics0car, Mar 10, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. nics0car


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    US Lewes, DE
    I need to replace the cabin sole on my 1995 Catalina 36'. I ordered Teak and Holly and it didn't match the current sole which looks like it could be Cherry and Holly, Can someone confirm if it is Teak or Cherry with Holly strips.
    Where should I get the marine plywood in the Mid-Atlantic region?

  2. Calif. Ted

    Calif. Ted

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    The originals were teak and holly, however it is photosensitive in that when new the holly is white and teak is darker. After a couple decades UV exposure the holly turns darker than the teak.

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