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Bow Thrusters Hunter 41

Discussion in 'Big Boats' started by BretonBreeze, Apr 13, 2015. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. BretonBreeze


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    Hunter 41
    CA Dartmouth Yacht Club
    I have a 2004 Hunter 41 and am looking to install a Bow Thruster. I have the instructions from Hunter that restricts the tunnel size to 6 inches, which restrict the size of the thruster that can be installed. I was hoping to install a larger tunnel and thruster. The horsepower of the thrusters to fit are 3 hp or less and the thrust is less than 100 lbs. In charts I have seen for a 41 ft boat they recommend a larger thruster.

    If you have a smaller thruster installed in your boat, please comment on the effectiveness of the unit in 20 knots of wind.


  2. uncledom


    Joined Jun 11, 2011
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    Hunter 41
    US Lewes
    I have a 2006 with a 140TT Lewmar. It can hold the bow in 15 knots but can not move it into the wind at 15 knots or above. I know this for a fact. Hope this helps.

  3. jlp0217


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    Jeanneau Moorings International 50
    US Everett
    Consider an e-Thrust.
    Since it mounts below the hull, can be mounted further forward without cavitating, giving it more leverage. Easier,cheaper to install than a tunnel. I've had mine 3 years, works great.

  4. Joe V

    Joe V

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    US Mystic CT
    Last year I installed the e-thrust external thruster for that very reason on my 2004 Hunter 41. It mounts directly below the center of the forward head. Batteries and charger mount under the forward Pullman berth adjacent the mast. The controller flush mounts on the speaker housing right above the helm on the arch. Outstanding performance and easy to install. I have pictures of the installation process and final results. I'd be happy to email.

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  5. gwheeler


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    Hunter h410
    US Marathon, NC
    I have a h410, thinking about installing one of these. What did it cost? Love to see some pics of the install.



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    Hunter 50 AC
    US Greenport, NY
    I installed by myself a Lewmar Bow Thruster in my 2007 41DS and followed Hunters' instructions explicitly. There is only room for the 6" tunnel. I have been satisfied with the performance of the installation. I can't say at what wind speed it will point the bow, but it has made docking much easier. After installation I would never have another boat of this size without one. I am going to try to find pictures of the installation and post them.

  7. njlarry


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    O'Day 34-At Last
    US Rock Hall, Md
    Any pics would be great.
    For those who have the e thrust, what maintenance has been required, where are they purchased and approximate total cost? Did you install a separate battery forward or run a cable aft to the house bank?
    Thanks in advance for sharing.



    Joined Jun 15, 2012
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    Hunter 50 AC
    US Greenport, NY
    Some pictures of the install

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  9. TFlight


    Joined Mar 31, 2011
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    Hunter 41DS
    US Pasadena, MD
    I second that, I have the same setup on my 2007 41DS. It can't keep up in 15 kts of wind.

    I'm curious, how is your battery connected to your bow thruster. Is it a dedicated battery or is it tapped off the house bank?

    The P.O. had 2 4D House batteries under the nav seat and 1 4D battery under the floor. All 3 were connected to the house 300 amp fuse and before passing through fuse it is jumped over to the bow thruster 250 amp fuse then to the bow thruster main switch.

    Having just bought the boat last year I should've known all the batteries were on their last leg.

    I'd like to replace the house bank with true deep cycle 6 V golf cart batteries. The problem is I don't think that's a good choice for a bow thruster that requires high current like that coming from a start battery or 4D.

    I was thinking of replacing the two house batteries under the Nav seat with 4 golf cart 6 V deep cycle batteries and dedicating the battery under the floor to the bow thruster only. I might add a switch to allow it to be couple with the house in times of need.

    Maybe I should add this is a new post, but has anyone attempted something like this?

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  10. jlp0217


    Joined Jun 27, 2014
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    Jeanneau Moorings International 50
    US Everett
    I purchased my e-thrust from Yacht Thruster in 2012 for ~$5000 (the largest 12V model for my 50' boat). They offered a 10% discount if the yard that installed it bought it, but the yard didn't want to bother.
    I installed 2 group 31 batteries and all the wiring I could without actually having the thruster, and the yard installed the thruster and finished the wiring for $1700. The batteries are connected to what was the windlass wiring via an ACR, so the 2/0 wiring is now overkill for maintaining the batteries. I later added a Lewmar wireless controller that controls the windlass and the thruster. Very convenient for retrieving the anchor.
    The only maintenance since has been scraping out barnacles and mussels as they appear.

  11. uncledom


    Joined Jun 11, 2011
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    Hunter 41
    US Lewes
    I installed 4 12v golf cart batteries from interstate. They are 155ah each giving me a total of 620ah. They are in the floor storage just outside the aft head. That keeps them low and towards the center of the boat. I had to make a custom hold down but it so rock solid that you could turn my boat upside down and they wouldn't move. My wiring is set up off the 300a fuse to a 250a fuse to a small battery on/off switch so you could isolate the wires running forward. I haven't had any issues with power to the thruster just the fact that it's under sized for the boat, IMO. The PO had 6 6v golf cart batteries taking up not only the floor storage but also the storage under the nav seat. They were over all heavier and used more battery cables. I saved about 65lbs. In total and 7 feet of battery cable. I also took out the original battery isolater and installed a Magnum echo charger. I'm seeing alot lower amperage demand on charging now so I'm thinking the original isolator was very inefficient. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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  12. artboas


    Joined Jun 1, 2009
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    Hunter 49
    ca toronto
    I have 8 golf cart batteries on my 49, plus a large 12v start battery.
    I would never have anything OTHER than golf cart batteries for the following reasons:
    They are fantastic for deep cycle
    One person can easily lift them.
    They are significantly cheaper than other alternatives
    If maintained properly, they have a very reasonable life span.
    When you install water miser battery caps, your maintenance is minimal
    They maximise space, and make it very easy to plan battery layout
    When you look at battery reviews, they always go through every conceivable battery type. The bottom line is always that 6 volt golf cart are the best value.
    A good friend just put lithium batteries in his new Catamaran. The specs were very impressive. But, for 25 grand, they should be made out of gold. I just can't justify that in any way.

  13. scottdube


    Joined Aug 17, 2010
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    Hunter 410
    US Dover NH
    Would love to see any pics you have of the install. Thinking about this on my 410 for next year. Thanks in advance


  14. artboas


    Joined Jun 1, 2009
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    Hunter 49
    ca toronto
    I looked at the external thruster for stern thruster application. Dealing with the company was a horror show. Several different quotes, none which made sense. They finally admitted the unit wouldn't work as they claimed in my application. If I hadn't seriously questioned their original assertions , I'd have some rather expensive holes in my hull to fix.

  15. DayDreamer41


    Joined Oct 29, 2016
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    Hunter 41 DS
    Un Michigan Port Huron
    TFlight what did you end up doing with this, I have the same scenario right now, our 41 DS is on the hard for the off season, my (3) Exide 4D batteries are weak (apparent with after a load test), could last another season but I am thinking about changing them out for 6V Trojans T-105's and I have the same question.

    It seems the high current draw from a thruster is not good for true DC batteries, just wondering what you ended up doing. I am considering doing the same circuiting and using a Dual Purpose D4 primarily for the thruster and 4 x 6 V Trojan's for the house, linked through a switch in case the 4D is needed in the house circuit. I have noticed as the season was drawing to a close the thruster would become ineffective / stall on high current after a very short burst.
    My current dock is upstream of (3) bridges on what can be a very busy river, lots of folks waiting for the next bridge to open, so the thruster is a necessity when things get crowded, a couple of short bursts to hold position, trouble is after only a few short burst the voltage drops down low enough that the thruster will heat too fast given the increase in amp draw.

  16. Scallywagger


    Joined Feb 21, 2014
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    Hunter Passage 42
    US St Andrews Scotland
    Hello. A friend of mine is considering buying a 1996 430 and wants to fit a bow thruster. Could you send me and photo's and information.

    Best regards. BILL S

  17. senang


    Joined Oct 21, 2009
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    hunter 38
    FR Monaco
    I installed a 24V ethruster (when I bought it it was sold as an Exturn product) on my 2005 H38. I designed a 12/24V switchover installation using 12/24V relays used on trucks. There is 1 180Ah battery under the bunk in the bow. When using the thruster this battery is put in series with the house bank. When not used for the thruster it is just part of the 12V 540Ah house bank. I did the installation all by myself, many pictures available on request.

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