bombing down wind

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    running not beating

  2. Ken13559


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    shouldn't the bow crew be in cockpit? The bow seems low. Should get bow up by having all crew in cockpit. Right? Otherwise must have been a fun sailing day.

  3. Davidasailor26


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    Some hull designs (the star class for example) prefer to have some weight forward when running. I've heard both that it increases waterline length and reduces wetted surface aft.

  4. waterpirate


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    I would firmly be in the camp of, get the bow up.

  5. Daveinet


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    Depends on the boat. A good planing boat will have a lot of buoyancy in the bow. Puting the weight forward will make it plain sooner. The reason hull speed exist is because the bow needs to climb over the wave. The thing that prevents this is the fact that the back of the boat sinks, which makes the front of the bow plow through the water, rather than climb up over it. You end up trying to push the whole water line vertically through bow wave. Lift the rear of the boat out of the water keeps the boat more level and keeps it from plowing. The video looks a little excessive, but there is not much freeboard on the boat, so it looks worse than it is.

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  6. Chief RA

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    With my Clipper Marine 26 we had to get the bow up to walk the wake back until the wave walked under the stern. This can be assisted by balancing crew weight fore or aft as the wake walks aft but never could get on plane unless bow came out and up first. Chief

  7. Tally Ho

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    Looked like a ton of fun!

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