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Best way to connect tiller and outboard on H240

Discussion in 'Smaller Boats' started by Chopper Pilot, Apr 20, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. DJN51


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    Hunter 23.5
    US East Chicago In
    Go to boat info at top of page,23.5 EZ Steer on my 23.5 Works great

  2. rgranger


    Joined Jan 19, 2010
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    Hunter 26
    US Smith Mountain Lake
    That is really nice.... where did you get the threaded rod and end terminals?


  3. DJN51


    Joined Oct 26, 2009
    337 posts, 6 likes
    Hunter 23.5
    US East Chicago In
    Got the rod and swivel ends at Fasenal.Bolted treaded male air fittings to swivel fittings . which go to female fitting on rudder .Made angle iron mount for rudder,and bent alum plates to go around motor leg, held on with 1/4 in threaded rod in gas line to not mar motor leg.Pop air fitting and removed easily.I,m running a 6hp 4 stroke Yamaha so it does take alittle effort.

  4. caverun


    Joined Feb 18, 2011
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    Hunter 240
    US Cave Run Lake, KY
    Update on my H240 motor connector install- I was not happy with the small range of motion on the rudder post as previously mentioned- so I have decided to not install the rod. This was not a high priority for me as I'm on a mooring ball and don't have to maneuver in tight spaces. My connector kit is posted in the gear ads if anyone is looking for one- it is the zinc-plated version from Cabelas. The 240 seems more difficult than other models for this mod.

  5. BrianW


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    Hunter 26
    US Huntsville, AL Guntersville Lake, (AL)
    Resurrecting an old thread. I bought the Panther link from Cabelas as suggested by Kermit and others for my H26 with a Honda 9.9. Has anyone figured the optimal location for attachments on a Honda 9.9 and the H26 rudder? Thanks! BrianW

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