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Barlow winch designations/model numbers

Discussion in 'Cal' started by Robert Weiss-Malik, Nov 11, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Robert Weiss-Malik

    Robert Weiss-Malik

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    Cal 24 T/4
    Small Change US Canyon Lake
    My Cal 24 T/4 has a pair of Barlow winches that are stamped with the number "18" designation. These may be approaching their useful lifespan (they are 44 years old after all), and I am looking for replacements on ebay. I have not been able to find "18" models. Instead there are plenty of used ones with model numbers other than "18".
    Does anyone know what the model number designations actually mean and can you offer advice as to what other number designation my be suitable for replacing the "18"s? Also anyone have success finding replacement parts for re-building Barlow's?

  2. jssailem


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  3. SFS


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    US Tampa Bay
    The follow-on company to Barlow (and Barient) is Hutton Winches, LLC in Australia. They still support both lines, with parts, diagrams, etc.

    The phone number is +61 2 9623 2448. You can also email a really helpful guy named Alan ( They have technical drawings of most of the winches the two companies made. Check them out, they were very helpful to me when I needed parts and advice. If you call rather than email, remember to account for the time difference between you and the east coast of Oz.

  4. Robert Weiss-Malik

    Robert Weiss-Malik

    Joined Nov 11, 2017
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    Cal 24 T/4
    Small Change US Canyon Lake
    Good info, thanks to all that responded

  5. Joe


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    I have two #18 2speed standard Barlows.... used them for halyard winches... gear ratio is 1:1 and 3:1 ..... I replaced them with #15 Lewmar ST single speed gear ration is 2:1 ..... Anyway... they're both in excellent condition... might consider selling the pair.

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