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Asking all O'Day Daysailer owners--topping lift

Discussion in 'Day Sailers' started by Windtherapy, Sep 16, 2016. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Windtherapy


    Joined Apr 25, 2015
    281 posts, 6 likes
    Oday 26
    US Oscoda, MI
    Is there any reason at all one cannot install a topping lift on the Daysailer instead of using the boom crutch? I just picked up the boat so not that familiar with it yet so just wondering.

  2. Pat


    Joined Jun 7, 2004
    1,137 posts, 38 likes
    Oday 272LE
    US Ninnescah Yacht Club, Wichita, Ks.
    I can't think of any reason at all....we had an O'Day Daysailor for 3 years and I always thought the boom crutch was a lot of the time, did not really know what a topping lift was or how it would benefit me....looking back would have been a savior over the boom crutch....Pat

  3. Sunbird22358


    Joined Jun 2, 2004
    1,643 posts, 29 likes
    Oday Day Sailer
    US Wareham, MA
    No reason you couldn't install a topping lift, I've often thought about adding one to my DS II. However, I might still use the boom crutch myself even with the topping lift, to keep the boom centered while moored and stop it from swinging as the boat rolls In waves. I keep the mainsheet tight when not sailing, but the mid-boom mainsheet still lets the boom move a bit side-to-side. If I had the older, "Crosby-Style" mainsheet that formed a triangle across the stern I might be able to go without the crutch. A topping lift would sure be nice when I'm alone, it would allow me the lower the sail without letting the boom drop to the deck. If you were to use a boom tent over the cockpit you would really still need to use the boom crutch to support the boom while using the boom tent, otherwise the topping lift would need to be VERY tight and still might allow the cover to sag.

  4. Brian S

    Brian S

    Joined Nov 9, 2012
    2,286 posts, 132 likes
    Oday 192
    US Lake Nockamixon
    I installed a folding D-ring on the back of the boom casting on my old Harpoon 4.6. It had a bolt rope main. When I doused sail, I would remove the main halyard and shackle it to that D-ring. Mainly for flaking the sail on the boom while anchored out for lunch or swimming, and motoring with no wind. I also had a Boomkicker on it, which was good for setting main twist in light wind, but could barely hold up the boom with main flaked on it without popping off.

  5. ciscovt


    Joined Oct 2, 2013
    2 posts, 0 likes
    Oday 20
    US Trailer Sailer from home
    I Installed a topping lift on my Daysailor III last Spring. I pop riveted a small ss pad-eye with a small ss pulley just to the port side of the sail track at the top of the mast. I am just using parachute cord as a line and have a small spring snap link on the end to hook into the aft end of the boom. Keep it tight when the sail is down to hold the boom horizontal and loosen it up when the sail is up. It works really well.

  6. supercub


    Joined May 14, 2012
    33 posts, 2 likes
    Oday Mariner
    US Mystic
    My Mariner has a dog clip on the the aft stay that clips to the end of the boom. Works well and less lines to deal with as I trailer it. The clip is tied to the stay with a short line and there is a crimped on ferrule that holds it just above the boom level.

  7. Solarfy


    Joined Jul 26, 2016
    92 posts, 12 likes
    American Sail 18
    US Granada Hills, California MDR
    I use a nylon parachute line (comes in many colors) 1/16" run though a small block at top of mast riveted to side. This allows adjusting the boom height or lifting it against the mast. Very handy item to have. Specially if you installed a bimini on your DS and like to walk around the cockpit without ducking. Some places it's hell sailing during day without a bimini.

  8. RandO


    Joined Sep 12, 2017
    1 posts, 0 likes
    O'Day Day Sailer II
    US Dartmouth, MA Westport, MA
    I just purchased a DSII having found my Widgeon to be too small for my liking. I'd like to install a topping lift, can one of you post a few pictures? This would give me a better idea how to do the job. Thanks!

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