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2018 Sailing Season is (around the corner) OPEN

Discussion in 'Catalina Capri 22 Forum' started by Slartibartfass, Apr 4, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

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    I bought the 25in Tohatsu Propane outboard last year after it came out at|215570|1794283|1794302&id=3968841

    I cut an extra notch into the outboard attachment so the engine sits better in my opinion....


    Marine LPG tanks also from Defender:

    I have 2x 17lbs tanks:|2276204|2276205|2276252|2276262&id=1319251

    And 2x 11lbs tanks:|2276204|2276205|2276252|2276262&id=1065959

    Bought extra LPG hoses: Marshall Excelsior RV Appliance LP Adapter Hose 5 Ft. MER407-60 (

    Not sure if a small 1lbs bbq tank would make any sense unless you use it just for getting in and out your slip. Need correct adapter hose for that. Don’t know if the tank pressure is the same between the small 1 lbs tank and the bigger ones (in case it is not might pose a problem...). Also unless you use a adapter hose for the 1lbs tank you will not be able to tilt the engine up while under way....

    If you go for a refill the tank comes with a certificate (and stamped on tank as well) that this is an approved propane tank. They gave me a hard time the first time as they had never seen a marine LPG tank like this. A regular propane tank works as well but is not approved for marine use due to the risk of corrosion....

    Benefit of the propane engine:

    No smell, noise level slightly less in my opinion to a gas powered outboard, propane can be stored forever, no issues with ethanol/carburetor gunking up and if you have a bbq grill you have one fuel source to use....

    Potential problem:

    Refilling on long trip’s.

    I liked the Torqueedo 1003 with the remote throttle I had before too, especially for the fine rpm control with the remote throttle but distance is still an issue (good for getting in and out the harbor)...

    I run the Tohatsu barely open and make 3.5-4 knots (SOG).

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