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1989 Hunter 30 cradle dimensions

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by Ecosta, Sep 4, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Ecosta


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    Hunter 30
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    Hello, I purchased a 1989 Hunter 30 in the spring. It did not include the cradle. Freind of mine will give me a cradle from a 42 foot Beneteau. It is a collapsable heavy duty 6 pad 14 foot by 8 foot steel cradle. Photo attached. Does anyone know if I can make this work with my sailboat without too many modifications? Does anyone have cradle plans or proper measurements for the 1989 Hunter 30? I'd appreciate the input. Thank you.

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  2. Don Crowther

    Don Crowther

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    If you can get the pads to line up with the bulkheads. The weight of the boat rests on the keel. If the pads don't match up you risk the sides of the boat oil canning and that will put cracks in your gel coat. Remember the pads are only there to keep the boat upright. Not to carry any weight. Hope this helps.
    And welcome to the site.

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  3. Whatfiero1


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    That cradle looks awesome and apparently has a lot of adjustment you should be able to make it work . Just schedule with lift to have extra time for a first time fit. Carry with you plenty of cribbage or boards to fit boat to cradle also have a drill and bits if a major adjustment needed

  4. Whatfiero1


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    Hunter 30t
    US littlecreek
    O and the Hunter 30 soft spot is under the bathroom floor avoid a pad being in that location and after boat secured check yours for a blow out

  5. Crazy Dave Condon

    Crazy Dave Condon

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    Don Crother pretty much hit it on the nailhead about the oil canning should the pads be in the wrong place. Keep an eye for that.

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