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1980 37C running the cutter sail

Discussion in 'The Cherubini Hunters' started by mjmercer19248, Feb 26, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. mjmercer19248


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    hunter 37 cherubini
    US Apollo Beach
    Anybody know how much room there is between the sail and the front of the mast? I want to add a radar dome and of course the mast seems to be the best place to put it. I am not done with the boom and cutter sail install so I can't measure it myself

  2. Alan Johnson

    Alan Johnson

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    Hunter Catalina 400
    Mast/sail clearance

    When I had my H37C, I had a 24 mile Raythone and had no problems with clearance, Larger units I cannot speak to. If concerned go to a stern mast from Garhauer. They can be had with tilt adjustment that makes them useable while sailing or a back stay mount.

    Alan J C400

  3. Johnb


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    Hunter 37-cutter
    US Richmond CA
    I can't get you the exact measurements but the attached picture might help. That radome was at least 30" in diameter and did not seem to bother the previous owner. The staysail was reinforced in the area of the radome. Getting the jib around the inner forestay is way more of an issue than the radar.

    I removed that old radar because everything about it was huge, including weight, bundle of wires and power draw. (Something like 50 amps at 12 volts DC)

    I intend to eventually install a new radar and will most likely put it on a mount at the stern because
    1 Why put it some place where you can't get to it easily.
    2 Distance to the horizon is proportional to the square root of height so there is a diminishing return on height.
    3 The new generation of radars emit at powers that are essentially harmless.
    4 The need for extreme distance is obviated by GPS and also somewhat by AIS.
    5 The wire run is easier.

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  4. Jim Legere

    Jim Legere

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    Hunter 37-cutter
    CA 44°38'15"N63°55'36"W
    Mine is a Furuno 1623 mounted on the mast about 12-18" above the steaming and deck light. No issues there. Never wanted to mount a pole on the stern, so mast works for me. Radome is only 15" diameter.

  5. Blaise


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    Hunter 37-cutter
    US Bradenton
    Midnight Sun has had an 8 foot radar mast mounted on the stern for 15 years without a problem. I didn't put it on the mast because it is such a pain to put anything in the wire run behind the mast.

  6. aldofc


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    Hunter H37C
    US Montevideo
    I have no problems with my Garmin radar. Just be careful and always trim correctly. If you are are really upwind and it starts flapping, it may hit the radar, but you can correct that. 99% of the time there is absolutely no contact between the sail and the radar

  7. BrianRobin


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    Beneteau Oceanis 351
    Ca Charlottetown
    I have mine on the port stern, wish it wasn't, amazing the amount of weight with dome and stainless pole. I looked at a mast mount, I like the idea of a more balance install, but like as mentioned, the hassle of running wires .