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I actually came to let you know about the Facebook group for Cherubini Hunters and saw your post about your rudder post. It looks different than mine. I had Chip work on it in 2013 or so, so I can't say much about how he did it.
Facebook page is at: Facebook Groups
Im searching for a bimini and dodger for my 92 Catalina 28. I am in Chicago, the windy city. Thank you.
seems there are a lot of sailors wanting a trailer or even to modify. I am one. I have a dual axle power boat trailer which I want to convert to hold a cat25...could i ask you a huge favor for the dimensions of yours? my email address is i could sent you a diagram of which ones I could use..maybe just fill in the blanks?.please?...
Quick question: We need to replace our current cabin foam cushion covers for our ODay 272. The foam cushions are still good but the covers are ripped and need to be replaced for all of them, V- berth, stern and side. All in all 7 of them. What is the best and most price efficient way to do this? Thanks all
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You have three options: Make them yourself (see and, find some used ones in better condition or get a quote from a marine canvasmaker or possibly an upholstery shop

Each option has its benefits and drawbacks