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What should be the best 3 blade propeller size to get faster than 5knots at 2500rpm?
Get a Kiwi prop', the pitch is adjustable to fine tune your engine to the boat.
Hi Tom,

I wanted to check in with you from a previous post wherein your 260 was damaged. It appears that you may have sold the boat. If so, do you know what the buyer intended to do with it? Reason I ask is that I may need a replacement rudder for our 260. I hate to appear cannibalistic here but also don't like to see things go to waste.

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I was motoring around for about 30 minutes then returned to slip. Next day I noticed oil in bilge but none in engine. How is this possible? Spent 2 hrs today cleaning out bilge.
Any ideas?
Hello. Everybody.
I request help to position the daggerboard rope 26M. I repair it and do not put attention in the size of the rope.
Thanks for your comments and help.
Where do I complain?
Seems like that should be a good place to say, "Good Job and thank you" for the updated website.
Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged.
Todd L.
SO @Meriachee... what are you using that is letting you post messages on SBO... What secret weapon have you hatched up in Canada that gives you mastery of the forum?
I have tried different computers and different browsers... All return the now Infamous "OOPS" message. Except the Canadians in Alberta, mentioning no names... It is a conspiracy, or they slipped Phil some extra money from their Canadian gold deposits to take over SBO...
Suspect Phil was up late last night and is sleeping in this AM
Can't post either. I need to update profile. Where do I do that? Unable to find Site Talk.