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YSM 8 riser nipple, Y25

Feb 11, 2010
Pearson and Yamaha Triton , 25II Juneau
My water injection elbow failed on my YSM8, ordered up a new elbow, lower elbow that comes out of the engine and the nipple that goes between them. The nipple on the Y 25 is a lot longer than the one that is shown in the parts manual. The parts guy I am dealing with says that is the only one that Yanmar shows. It is a counter threaded nipple, left thread on one end right on the other so I can't just get a longer standard nipple. The nipple in the boat is 8-9" long the stock one about 2.5". Anybody familiar with this problem and have a Yanmar part number for the longer nipple. It is 6 sided in the middle threaded on each end. I have attached a pic of the parts manual, the parts I am talking about are the Injection elbow (7), the too short nipple (16) and the lower elbow (12).



Aug 30, 2010
yahama 25 Hong Kong
If part 16 in your engine is 8-9" long , stay with it . It has the reason .

My 25 original came with the 2.5" part 16, I found the sea water in the exhaust pipe l flow back to the cylinder head causing corrosion in the lower elbow and the cylinder head. It is because the opening of the exhaust pipe at the hull is in a quite high position.
The longer part 16 will hoist up the upper elbow that can prevent this . I got tailor made a longer part 16 from a local workshop . Alternative , make use the Yanmar 2.5", cut into half and weld it back with a extension tube .

Or you have to do something to prevent the water flow back from the exhaust pipe .