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Yamaha windows

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what is the best way to seal the large windows typical of the 33 and 36' yamahas


Hi Victor, We have a Yam 30 but the windows are similar in size to a Yam 33. We just replaced our windows this summer. We had resealed them before but had had a lot of problems with cracks and leaks. This time we used lexan (which scratches easily but doesn't seem to expand as much as plexiglass). For sealant we used Dow 832. Dow has a great on-line tech support system at their web site. 832 was their recommendation. We also used 1/16 inch glazers tape and ran a bead around each window near the outer edge as a barrier and as a way to ensure the sealant didn't get squished to thin. So far so good. Our windows look great. The key so far as I can see is to ensure you have a thick enough layer of goop to deal with the expansion of the window. So that means oversize screw holes and don't tighten them too much. When I asked about replacing our windows I got some really helpful advise from the boats on this site. Good luck Fearless.
Aug 3, 2005
- - Seattle
New windows for my Y-37

I just replaced the windows on my Y-37, but took a different tack. Because the old windows had cracks wherever holes were drilled, I didn't drill any. I used lexan material, and used silicone caulk. My windows are inset, so I filled in the gap between the window edge and the cavity edge. It looks better than the original, and has more material between the elements and the cabin.
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