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Yamaha 33 - Aluminum Toerails


Dec 27, 2017
Yamaha 33 Vancouver
I am in the process of addressing some the minor issues I have on the boat which are primarily cosmetic. I have a section of toe rail on the lower starboard side (the side to which it lists due to the kedge windlass/anchor/chain) which is corroding due to salt grime and am considering the options;

a) just sand and grind lightly and lay a coat of epoxy/aluminum powder coating
b) removing it and adding new section of aluminum toe rail
c) removing it and adding a new section of wood toe rail

FYI I have taken a grinder to a section of the vertical top end of a section of toe rail that had some damage due to the anchor chain and it looks the same a year later so I have to assume the salt grime accumulating on the horizontal surface during weeks away is the cause of the corrosion.

I prefer the option a) and c) partly because a) would be less work and c) would negate having to worry about not rinsing the salt grime off since I like to stay at anchor for weeks at a time. c) would also be advantageous for the future during an extended passage/cruise and if successful I would look at also doing the lower port side as well

Has anyone attempted to remove a Yamaha 33 toe rail? I ask as it appears to be a major undertaking which would require possibly removing part of the galley and cutting away fiberglass on the underside if the screws are difficult to remove. I do understand how the boat is constructed and worry about removing screws that are getting on 40 years.

Of course I could just leave it but I like to try and make improvement if possible.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Edited to correct an error b) to c) and clarification
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