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Yamaha 28

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John Vye

Hi, I am new to this forum and to yamahasailboats.org. I have owned this boat for six years and I like it more all the time. I have sailed this boat over 20,000 nm and been around the island twice with another trip planned this summer. I know of only two of these models in Canada and would be most interested in hearing from other owners of the Y-28. My dream boat would be the Y-37 but in the meantime, this one will do just fine. I have lived aboard for 26 years and I find this boat warm,dry and lots of fun to sail. See you out there.... john


Hi again

I believe I have the only 37 here. There's one for sale in San Diego, but it bears no resemblance to my boat. You can find pictures on the internet brokerage sites. According to the guys who've seen my boat, they're almost identical to the 36's Incidentally, thanks for the pic's. I have them on the site now. I'll be in Barkley Sound this summer (July 8-23). Maybe we can get together out there.
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