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yamaha 25 keel

Jan 4, 2008
Yamaha Y25 mkII Long Beach, Ca.
Y25 KEEL Specs

4.3ft (1300mm) Draft 5.5 ft Ballast 1,433 lbs
Source: Y25 Manual
Sep 23, 2014
yamaha 25mk2 everett
Re: Y25 KEEL Specs

thanks for your help, have read many of you post before buying my boat..lots of great knowledge...im the new owner of Pakele had it all summer yamaha made a great boat
Jan 4, 2008
Yamaha Y25 mkII Long Beach, Ca.
Welcome Aboard Depth Finders choices

Nice to know Pakele is out and about. We Have a nice Owners Group with literally a world of knowledge.

I figure 6ft draft and play safe at 10ft min.
I recently replaced my chartplotter with a Lowrance 5 Dsi plotter / fish finder.
I use the fish finder as my depth gauge / instrumentation . It's nice watching the bottom. The transducer will shoot through the hull. you just don't get the high definition (picture). They go on sale regularly and are relatively inexpensive compared to others. Unit is more geared to fishing - my old garmin had better navigation software with tide charts ect. The Lowrance larger/ brighter display is worth the trade off for me.

Sail Well


Aug 30, 2010
yahama 25 Hong Kong
I fixed the transducer next to the sea water intake on the port side . It is some 1.2 m (3.9 feet) from the bottom of the keel. There may be some various depth of the keel . To play safe , you can allow the draft ( 5.5 feet)of the boat as the distance from the bottom of the keel to the transducer. You get some haft meter ( 1.6 feet) safe margin. Set the alarm 3 feet or more below the keel. It depends on the water depth of your mooring location. I have only one foot clearance during the extreme low tide in a year .