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Yamaha 17' (5.3m) trailer yacht

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Nic Hoskin

Hi, I'm in Australia, and about to go see a Yamaha 5.3m Trailer Yacht. Apparently it has 4 berths, but i can't find any more info. It definitely is a yacht, comes with sails etc, any details on this type of boat welcomed! Cheers, nic
Aug 3, 2005
- - Seattle
Small Yamaha

Greetings, That's the smallest Y-boat I've heard of. I doubt that any were sold in North America. Send some pictures ad any other information you can get to yamahasailboats.org, and I'll post them



I'll be seeing the boat next week, i'm a bit concerned with purchasing a boat that doesn't seem to exist anywhere else in the world! Still, even if the sale falls through, i'll get some pictures for you.
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