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Yam 33 owners

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Nov 3, 2005
- - Grosse Pointe Michigan
Hey I'm really happy I stumbled upon this forum I have a 1978 yamaha33 and want to know about the boat and share tips and such.... Anyone out there interested please reply.
Aug 3, 2005
- - Seattle

If you want parts from the factory for your 33, drop me a line at rknosp@hotmail.com


Jan 5, 2006
- - Sidney
1982 Y33 Tall Rig

Hi, We have an 82 Y33 tall rig (Moranda II) that we've been living aboard for a year and a half. We;re very happy with the boat. She's very well equipped, sails fast, and is very comfortable even living aboard in the winter. It's great to hear that parts are still available.
Not open for further replies.