Wind On the Nose..

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Rick D

Jun 14, 2008
Hunter Legend 40.5 Shoreline Marina Long Beach CA
..of course, because this is 'sailing'. Went on a club event from Marina del Rey (Los Angeles) to Newport Beach. Usually downwind for about 2/3rds clocking into a reach. NOT! Powered through slop for eight hours. Killed time scrolling back in the 50 waypoints that disappeared from my GPS memory when it reinitialized itself. (Did it again later.) Hope Loran stays put a while longer. Great time and weather in Newport Beach, although wives found many 'end-of-season' sales. (OK, I got a $200 inflateable harness and tether, but thats not the same, I will continue to maintain.) Left Newport Monday to take the boat to Catalina Island to leave for a return on Friday for the Hunter Rally next weekend. Like glass. Powered again. Interesting how transit lanes are almost like freeways now, with GPS and autopilots the rule. Boats within a hundred yards from each other for tens of miles with nothing else in common. Anyhow, but for the Neptune factor, just another day in Paradise. Rick D.

steven f

got that beat

While returning my new (used Hunter 33) from Cape Kennedy area in Fla. back to the SW coast of Fl. we had a south wind while heading (guess which direction), thats right SOUTH!! When we rounded the south part of the state we were hoping the south wind would continue. As we started heading back up the west coast of Fla. the wind shifted to the northwest. In late spring this wind direction in unheard of. Well, these winds lasted for the remainder of our trip (the last two days). To add salt to our sailing wounds we hit severe storm after severe storm. The total damages from all the storm cruising was one jib blown out, two halyards frayed beyond use. At least I now know how she handles in a storm.
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