Widgeon Seats

Jun 20, 2014
O'day 28 2 Bay City
I have a Widgeon which is missing the removable "Teak Seats" (actually mahogany, I'm told).

I can't find anyone who sells them, and am actually even having a tough time finding photo's of them.

Does anyone have a set of the seats which need a new home? I am in Michigan. Alternatively, perhaps someone has a pattern I can use to build a set of them. They seem to have an odd shape, and I don't want to waste good lumber or take a chance on mis-fitting them.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

Best regards,
Terry Buda
Jun 2, 2004
Oday Day Sailer Wareham, MA
D&R Marine is THE source for almost anything "O"DAY", but unfortunately, Rudy doesn't get enough call for Widgeon seats to stock them or even offer to make a set (I asked, and offered to give him a copy of the below drawing). www.drmarine.com (508) 644-3001. So..anyway........

While, I won't garantee the complete accuracy of the drawing below (done from memory after all! Never thought to measure and photograph my seats when I had ,my Widgeon, regret it now!!) This is from the owners Manual that I created for the Widgeon.

O’DAY Widgeon seats (1963-70)

The original version of the WIDGEON had wooden seats along the sides of the cockpit; the boat was essentially open from bow to stern with two molded seats/flotation tanks located one in the bow and one in the stern. There was a seat molded as part of the deck that the mast was stepped though, this seat (AKA mast partner) was at about the same level as the shelf on the newer Widgeons that the mast steps through. The wooden side seats bridged the space between the aft flotation tank seat and this mast partner/seat. The wooden seats fit in recesses in the aft seat/flotation tank and were secured by a bolt with wing nut underneath the wooden seat that fit through a stainless-steel angle bracket attached to the forward surface of the stern seat/tank. The forward ends of the seats fit into slots in a fiberglass flange bonded to the underside of the mast partner/seat. The bolts that secured the seats were welded to stainless-steel bars (approximately 1/8” thick and about 5/8” x 12”) that were fastened to the undersides of the seats by wood-screws. To re-create those bars one could use brass or bronze instead (easier to work with) or maybe even aluminum. A stainless-steel stove bolt (round heads with a square section just below the head to prevent it from turning) could be substituted for the welded-in bolt?

The seats were solid Mahogany (Teak was optional some years) approximately ¾” to 1” thick (I unfortunately never measured mine!) and the seats were stained and varnished from the factory. The seats were shaped to a gentle curve that mostly followed the curve of the sides of the boat fore & aft, but became wider aft than the forward ends. The seats were stiffened by a vertical “cleat” that ran fore & aft under each seat, this was about 3” high at the middle of the seat span tapering as I recall to about 2” at the fore and aft ends. These cleats (or “joists”? Deck beams?) were more or less centered side to side under the seats and were straight fore and aft, rather than curving like the seats.

Also posted below are some of my vast collection of widgeon pics that I've saved from various sources.:)


Jun 20, 2014
O'day 28 2 Bay City
Awesome! Thanks for these pictures. I am attempting to make my own using these as a guide.

The seat boards seem to span a long distance for 3/4" lumber. Is there any support in the middle to keep the bench from sagging in the middle?
Jun 20, 2014
O'day 28 2 Bay City
Oops! I just noticed the detail of the first sketch answers my question.

I also received my order today for a few needed replacement parts from Rudy at DR Marine. A local fiberglass guy convinced me to go all the way with minor repairs and new gelcoat. We are excited and hope it will be a really nice little unit when we get her back. We have always wanted to sail, but haven't had the resources to do a real boat. Maybe we can break into the water sport with our widgeon.

Thank you so much for your help and for being so free with information!