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Why are my shrouds too short?

Jun 27, 2017
Macgregor 25 Columbia, MO
Odd thing happened this weekend while stepping the mast on my 87 272. It has been on the trailer for two months while I gave it a fresh bottom job and added chainplate reinforcements to the bulkheads. I did not move the chainplate locations, mind you. I simply sandwiched hardwood panels over the existing bulkheads. When we stepped the mast (hinged tabernacle with pins) we tried to connect the upper and lower shrouds after the mast was upright. With one side connected, and the turnbuckles as far out as we could adjust, there was still at least 1/2" to go before the pins would go in. We tried one last time by letting the mast down enough to slacken the shrouds, then stepped it again. Once everything was upright, the shrouds were guitar string tight. ??? We launched the boat, and when I motored around to the dock, the lower shrouds were loose, but the uppers were still tight? Is this from the weight of the keel resting on the trailer vs. hanging under the boat? Is this normal? I posted this on the Facebook page as well. I'm looking for as much insight as I can get, as I don't want to break something, and I sure would like to see how this thing sails.
Thanks for your help,
Chad Stretz
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
You might find these MacGregor sailboat threads and page 6-7 of the attached owner's instruction manual helpful on tuning/ tensioning your standing rigging .



Jun 27, 2017
Macgregor 25 Columbia, MO
After some digging into this 272's history, it turns out a previous owner had a boatyard install a new tabernacle on her, raising the mast just enough to make the shrouds tight, all the way to the end of the turnbuckle adjustments. They should have either replaced the shrouds, or installed toggles for enough of an extension to make them more adjustable. I am looking for toggles now. If anyone knows where to get them fast, or can tell me the size of the chainplate/mast pins, I'll be in business.