Where is this H170 leaking?


Dec 10, 2012
Hunter 18 Raleigh
Spent most of the winter on H170 repairs including a crack below the rudder mount between the top and bottom halves of the hull. Fiberglass and lots of devcon plastic weld (inside and out) sealed it up nicely.

First run out, 10-12 knot winds, really nice afternoon on the water. Imagine my disapointment when I tilt the boat up and get a quart of water out of the hull. Where is it coming from? I inspected the entire bottom of the boat and there is no crack below the water line.

Should I remove the centerboard to inspect the well? How does one do that?

I also see a plate and 2 screws holding some kind of stiff plastic just forward of the center board on the very bottom of the hull. What is that for? The screws look clean and tight, might that be the source of a leak?

Thoughts or experience welcome!