Westerbeke 10/2 lower alternator mount

Jun 1, 2007
O'Day 322 Mt.Sinai
I have an '87 272LE with a Westerbeke 10/2. One recent morning, when I started the engine, the lower bolt (the one you loosen to adjust belt tension) sheared off. While trying to get the stub out, I broke off an EZ out. The bolt threads into a cast ear off the crankcase. Kinda screwed. Towed to a "full service" marina, they called today and said they can't clear the hole to use a new bolt.

I'm considering having a new bracket made up and attaching to maybe the forward port motor mount, which is in close proximity, and avoiding the cast ear off the crankcase which is problematic in its own right.

I was wondering if anyone has made up such a bracket for the 10/2, or knows of any "kit" to mount the lower part of the alternator to?