Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

Jun 14, 2010
TBD Looking for my next boat CT
My son captured this spectacular rainbow while taking off from Nashville. The second clip shows the rainbow encircling the plane! It was a "wow" moment.

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Dec 1, 2009
Sabre 402 Southport, CT
A competitor - conveniently located to leeward and behind - took this shot of us last Sunday. Shifty NW breeze with puffs over 20 knots had us put a reef in the main. A nice lift helped us be first at the windward mark...and at the finish. We hope new racing sails next season will put us ahead in the light stuff.
26SEP21 race1.jpeg
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
View from on high...
This is looking across Boundary Passage towards Stuart Island (mid upper right).

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Feb 11, 2017
Islander Freeport 36 Ottawa
Last Saturday was our fall 50 mile race. With the weather forecast calling for under 5 knots of wind and rain all day there was a really poor turn out in the start line. Only two boats showed up. 2 hours of 0 to 2 knots was a slow start. We had the code zero up which allowed us to eek out a lead. Then the wind built to 5 to 7 knots and went aft where our competition gained using their oversized spinnaker. They caught us at the first mark and we had a restart after 18 miles.
The rain was on and off but the wind picked up to as much as 12 knots which brought us home in 11 hours with a 22 minute lead, not quite enough to overcome our rating.