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Unique DIY Designed and Built Sailboats

Mar 20, 2015
C&C 30 Mk1 Silver Harbour, Lake Winnipeg
Thought I would start a thread where people can post photos of unique, DIY sailboats.

Unique in a good way.. or...
"Unique” in the "WTFluffy were they thinking ?” way.

To start... Here is a steel boat that is now a failed dream and permanent lawn ornament, in front of marina where we currently have a slip.

Take note of the retractable, hydraulic driven prop system, bilge keel,.mast furling, etc.

I would love to see inside, but I have yet to ask. I am also curious as to why she was built and what the purpose was. Clearly for use in shallow water someplace.


Any other ”interesting" DIY boats in your area ?


Jul 25, 2013
Between Boats near Vancouver, BC
The execution looks a little rough, but there are some interesting design ideas. I agree that the designer/builder seems to have been interested in operating in shallow water, and perhaps parking it at low tide. Standing headroom too, presumably.

The hydraulic propulsion is system is pretty clever. You get the whole system out of the water when you're not using it, plus you have twin drives for steering in close quarters. If it were me, today, I'd use a more conventional propulsion layout but with battery-electric drive. But that wouldn't have been as realistic an option when this boat was built.

The mast and boom arrangement is interesting. I think you're right that it's meant to be in-mast furling. But the horizontal pivot of the gooseneck is very far aft, which suggests to me that he intends the boom to be able to fold up parallel to the mast. That's a modification I had designed for my Mac 26S but didn't get around to building before I sold it. The idea is to keep the boom attached when you bring down the mast for trailering. It's possible this guy had the same idea.

[Edited to add: Sorry, I don't have any DIY photos to contribute yet. But I'll keep an eye out.]
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