under the floor


Sep 15, 2021
Melen Marine Guppy 13 Tomales Bay
New Guppy 13 owner here. The vessel was rough but I've steadily made fixes here and there. Most recent was not straightforward: The compression post was rotting where it met the floor. After much consideration I decided to remove and replace it. It turns out a little metal screw went about 1.5 inches into the balister or table leg or whatever was there before. Before installing new post I went to hacksaw off a half-inch or so. The thing came out - it wasnot attached to anything especially not the keel as I had surmised. Anyway, I was not up for taking out the floor and examining the situation below. I made a jury-rigged fix which I won't go into here. Before I did so I looked all over the internet for the specific design of the Guppy. I ws unsuccessful. Can anyone tell me what's below the cabin floor? It seemed like a 2x12 or something may have been resting on the keel maybe. I'm kind of tempted to remove the floor just to get more room but wonder how that affects vessel's strength integrity. Comments? Observations? Thanks much.