Trailer tongue.


Nov 21, 2012
Catalina Capri 22
I put a "stop" on the trailer tongue. After getting the boat and trail to a level place I remove the pins and slowly back up the tongue
until it hits the stop. Then I put the pins in. A lot easier then trying to line it up with someone saying "go back 2" more.

Probably would have been better if the stop was steel and welded, but the 3 pop rivets seem to be holding.

My coupler assembly was welded on to the bar. Bad move. Very hard to get into the mechanism to repair/replace the master cylinder.




Jul 3, 2013
I have two tongues - a real pain cause the extended tongue is lower and the jack doesn't go that low or that High - whichever way it is I have to use blocks and chocks to get it done. Another good reason for only doing it twice a year! Amen

Great Idea though
Jul 9, 2013
I assume these are wing keels as even a tongue extension would not be deep enough for my fin keel to get wet.

I've used a 30' hawser line for the 13 years I've campaigned Kudzu (FKSR), lauching her and her trailer about 25' feet down the various ramps from Whiskeytown Lake (near Redding, CA four hours north of my home) to Konocti Bay (Clear Lake), to Folsom Lake (Sacramento), to Huntington Lake (Lakeshore, about 6 hours south) to Mission Bay (San Diego, 10+ hours south) and at my home lake Scotts Flat Lake (Nevada City, CA - about 30 minutes from my home) about fifteen times a year. Rear view camera has been the biggest help with launching/retrieving. Next is a horizontally swiveling full sized spare tire on a mounted spare hub and stub axle (swivel up out the way, down to roll straight down the ramp).