Topside grip-tape

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Jan 23, 2008
Hunter 20 Wilmington
Hi all...again. I'm having excellent success using advice from all of you while bringing my '83 20' back up to par. Here's a brainstorm that I'm sure not to have been the first to consider: Is there any strong argument AGAINST using skateboard-type griptape as a nonskid substitute? My boat doesn't really have that much deck area which (1) makes investing in a spray-on nonskid treatment not cost-effective, (2) makes application and likely removal /replacement of the skateboard stuff a much simpler task, and (3) dramatically increases the need for nonskid since there's not much foot room, and the boat likes to roll in moderate chop. I've read that there are nonskid pads you can install directly to the deck but they are far too expensive, and this boat - being trailerable - is not in the water enough to necessitate that kinda $$! My gelcoat is aged but still intact, and the adhesive under the griptape comes off with standard solvents much like decals that we put on our boats anyway. I'd be interested to hear any input you may have. Thanks.
May 6, 2004
Hunter 37C Seattle
Sure give the tape a try

But you dont' need to spray on non-skid paint. I painted on ( with a brush, a really cheap throw away brush) ) a couple of patches of non-skid paint on the gell coat top of the cockpit coaming, where I step coming into and out of the cockpit. I just did a light sanding ( take off the sheen) taped out a little square and painted some non-skid. Remove tape within 24 hours or it decides it doesn't want to ever leave.
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