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Topic FAQ, aka How to Organize the World into Topics

Phil Herring

Dethroned Admin
Mar 25, 1997
Hunter 450 Bainbridge Island
Thanks to some gentle prodding by @rgranger, we have a new feature on the site:

Topic FAQ

In a nutshell, it lets you gather forum posts, owner mods, and (soon) other bits of data already posted to our site and organize them by topic.

Here's what the FAQ looks like. I started a topic as an example:

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 9.50.23 AM.png

To get to the FAQ, there is a link under the Forums tab of the nav bar.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 9.46.08 AM.png It is also in the list of forums on the forum index screen.

To add a post or owner mod to a FAQ, just look for the link up by the author's name:

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 9.51.20 AM.png

On the subsequent screen, select the topic to add it to. (If you need to add a new topic, just click the New Topic link described below.) Then add a few words about why this thread or mod is relevant to the topic. That's all there is to it: one menu selection and a few words. Click submit.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 9.51.36 AM.png

Within 24 hours your link will appear on the list.

To create a new topic is just as easy:

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 9.50.39 AM.png

Enter the title of the new topic and one or two keywords. within 24 hours your new topic will appear on the list.

As always, this has been tested but never as well as you'll test it. If you find bugs please let me know. links from Media and Photos Albums will be online soon.
Sep 15, 2013
Catalina 270 Baltimore
This is an excellent idea! On several occasions I have seen the same questions asked several times and each time an answer thread has to start from scratch. This will make finding answers much quicker.
Feb 14, 2014
Hunter 430 Waveland, MS
Great Idea!! I had been doing the same on my computer so I can save a good discussions on things like the recent Black Mold or Mildew topics.


Feb 21, 2009
Catalina 30 San Diego/ Dana Point, Ca.
one little tiny problem that I can't get past....... License is listed as Licence .
Licence, Charter Capt. Licence
Sorry, I can't help myself!!!
Feb 2, 2010
Island Packet 37 Hull #2 Harpswell Me
Phil, why is there 3 different threads running on a windlass leak all by the same person?
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
Nice idea @rgranger
I think we are going to need to ask you to pick and move across the country again in a couple of months. You seem to be inspired and creative when you have to move.
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Likes: rgranger
Jan 19, 2010
Hunter 26 Charleston
Thanks John

But I don't think I can credit the move. That thread was started four years ago.