To Drill or Not to Drill?

Feb 14, 2014
Hunter 430 Waveland, MS
We had damage to our boat from Hurricane Zeta.

The worst structural damage, breached the hull exactly on the Anchor Closet Upper Drain Line.
After discussions with Joe Kerr from "1-One service" available thru SBO, and others, I decided to repair that spot focused on the...

Structure versus the Closet Drain.


I was concerned about the Gap between the wall of the Anchor Closet and the Hull.
That Gap was filled with some sort of Glue, OEM, but hard solid.:huh:

Since that part of the Hull can take bow wave impact, we removed the Drain Pipe and inserted Coosa Board, to fill the gap versus Glue.

The FRP Technician did a great job in the Hull repair leaving it ready to Drill out the Coosa to re-install the Anchor Closet Drain.

Bow Repar1.jpg


The Square was done to insert the Coosa into the Gap.
Now to the Question...

Should I Drill out the Structural repair to re-install the Anchor Closet Upper Drain per OEM design or not?

I have looked at Hunter Anchor Closet Designs from the H24 and greater. It was just a standard design for all of them.

The Lower Drain Pipe serves as the full drain for rain and bow waves.

I see little design reason for the Upper Drain.

1) The height from weather Deck to drain ≈1.5 Feet.
2) Lower drain is full drain of the Locker. [not subject to plugging from inside]
3) Venting Air In, to make sure no vacuum lock, is done through the Hatch.

Comments are appreciated.
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Jan 22, 2008
Hunter 34 Alameda CA
Can you relocate the drain to the opposite side of the boat? That way you can leave your repair intact.
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Nov 6, 2006
Hunter 34 Mandeville Louisiana
I would think one drain , 1" or so would be fine, Jim.. especially with no hose involved..
I have a gap of about 2" by 4" in the anchor locker lid and have taken solid water over the bow several times with no problem.. I have one drain that is either 1" or 3/4" in the very bottom, a short hose, and another thru hull ..
Jun 2, 2011
Hunter H33 Port Credit Harbour, ON.
I have an 06 33 on Lake Ontario. I don't anchor much so I have the anchor, rode and short chain tied up so it is not sitting on the bottom of the anchor locker. I clean the anchor locker a couple of times a year to keep the spiders at bay. When I clean it, the anchor drain is usually clogged on the first go around. Not completely but the water flow from the drain is severely restricted. I have to back flush the drain from the outside to get it to drain properly. I suppose that if you keep the anchor locker clean more often than I do it may not clog up. Never gave the upper drain much thought nor did I check how the anchor locker is attached / sealed at the deck. If the anchor locker is not sealed at the top I can see where it may be possible for water to overflow the top, allowing water to spill into the interior of the boat if there is no secondary / upper drain. This is assuming that the lower drain can in fact get clogged from the inside. I believe that if I used the anchor more and it was sitting directly on the bottom of the locker, combined with possible debris brought up with the anchor, it is more likely that it could clog the lower drain.

If it were me, I would re-install the upper drain.

Sorry to hear about the damage to your boat. Please keep us informed as we cheer your steps on the way back.

All the best from north of the border.
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Feb 14, 2014
Hunter 430 Waveland, MS
Thanks for the info.

I plan to use something in the bottom of that Anchor Closet to prevent pluggage.
I am thinking of something used for fish pond filters.
Like these...
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Those should keep the Rode and chain off the back flow swamp water, and supposedly decay the crud.:huh:
By the way..
This is my secondary Anchor Closet. We have two that are separated.

Main Anchor Closet had no problems, since it was isolated.:)
I have talked a retired builder and he sees no reason to put the upper drain back.

I will decide soon and tell the reasons to the Group.

Thanks again for the reply.

PS: that is a Walmart link that is ok to click "verify identity" is error
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
James... What are you going to do as the tiny spaces clog with salt and the delta silt that comes up with the anchor, chain and rode. Suck them out with a vacuum and toss in the trash... You might be better served sticking something like this in the bottom of your anchor locker. Cutting it to fit the space.
or this