Time to tighten main furler?


Jun 23, 2016
Hunter 41DS Seattle
If your outhaul is all the way out and you still have a few wraps like that you probably have a sail with too long of a foot?

I actually have one sail quite similar, but it was a cheap ($300 for me) leftover from a brand new H45 purchase who was upgrading that the local loft pulled the battens for me and cut the height down. If I roll it all the way out - the foot is an easy foot (pardon the pun) off the boom. Great for downwind in light air if you have time to swap out your in-mast furler mainsail. For me, it was the old 'summer time' main for up here in the PNW and the original with a cutback leach from age was the 'winter time' mainsail.

Anyway - easy way to check this is at a light day on the dock or on the water and when you have it out as far as you can and the foot aligned to the boom, put a piece of tape up where it is coming out the mast. Then roll the rest out and check out the difference.

Meanwhile, as far as the furler being pulled aft, that is normal. I also have Selden gear and my understanding that the most neglected maintenance is cleaning/greasing the bearings at the top of the furler, not furler tension. Furler tension seems to be much more of an art than a science. As others have said - do not err on the side of over tensioning and download the Selden docs from their website.
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